Eye Candy For A Dreary Monday

By Alison April 27, 2009 No Comments 1 Min Read

Because it is raining and it is miserable and I have got body ache from a day spent weeding the front garden and doing myself a whole lot of shaky damage with a chain saw, because I am in a frenzy of tidying and scrubbing and cleaning after falling behind with myself over the past two weeks and because I haven’t got time to write up the recipe for the scrumptious white chocolate and rose syrup cupcakes I invented yesterday, I hereby offer you an image of a room that makes me swoon. The gorgeous combination of violet and green! Gilded landscapes and a patchwork covered television! Lions, and tigers and bears! Oh my!

Found on the seriously inspirational Sanctuary, this room belongs to the owners of Crème de la Crème à la Edgar and is the reason why I am suddenly desperate to paint my floorboards white and dress Finn up as a miniature Red Indian…
Tis a terrible thing is envy.


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