Falling Cloudberries.

By Alison February 25, 2007 6 Comments 1 Min Read


"There are some things that don’t change much. I find the smell of a dish, or the way a certain spice is crushed, or just a quick look at the way something has been put on a plate, can pull me back to another place and time. I love those memories that seem so far away, yet you can hold them and carry them with you, even forget them, and then, with a single taste or hint of a smell, be chaperoned back to a beautiful moment…"

Tessa Kiros.


  1. cindy says:

    This is sooooo true!
    Will def. buy the book!

  2. Lorraine says:

    I want this book so badly — and also her other one 'Apples for Jam'.
    I look at it every time I go to my bookstore hoping there'll be a 'sale' sticker on it …

  3. phyllis says:

    I took a small bottle of lemon scented perfume on a class trip to Canada when I was 14. I am almost 45 and when I smell lemons…you guessed it…I'm in Canada!

  4. kali says:

    I have her cookbooks and think that the recipes and the way she writes are a wonderful testament to cooking, family and the ties that bind.
    They’re amongst my favourites and I use them often.

  5. Janey says:

    I got this book from WHSmith for £6 something. The best buy of the year so far.Fab book and not just for the recipes.

  6. Janey says:

    Applea for jame £15 in Borders and Tuscany(? this is the name isnt it ) is £9 bagains get down to borders now and get your books. Apples for jam is even better than Falling Cloudberries

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