Father's Home-Made Sweater

By Alison May 15, 2010 6 Comments 0 Min Read


  1. Rose says:

    So what is the problem? Measuring? Knitting? Buying the wool? I am your woman for this if not anything else.
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  2. Stacy says:

    I just don't seem to have the patience to learn how to knit. I taught myself to crochet and made several scarves, blankets and a sweater for my daughter. I get bored with it though. Currently, I am working on potholders that match my kitchen decor. You can get one done in a day and they are very nice. They are double layered. Maybe you would like crocheting better?

  3. Eva Girl says:

    Oh! I know what you mean – knitting scares me! It's amazing to me how my friends can make sweaters and hats and booties…..I made a scarf once – it was bigger at one end then the other ; (

  4. Charley says:

    I love knitting….I'm not good at it (as in I can't follow a pattern – they are in an invented language after all)….don't let the inability to make something specific put you off it is such a relaxing activity…I learned by making blanket squares and it took me three years but I now have a (very unique) blanket big enough to cover a single bed.

  5. Mimi xxx says:

    I taught myself to knit, and then discovered I taught myself…oddly! I seem to knit left handed even though I am right handed, and in the continental fashion too! Give it a go…perhpas you are just not a right handed knitter, like me!

  6. megan says:

    oh my gosh I feel exactly the same, ive tried but I just cant get it, I adore the thought of it (especially the idea of a cold winters afternoon fireside, needles in hand) The last thing I knitted was a scarf, which I promptly donated to the toy box as a dolls dress up, yep, I got bored and frustrated and gave it up mid project, I do so admire people that can, I have to say though im glad im not alone. 🙂

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