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December the 23rd is Festivus. (A holiday for the rest of us.)
Invented in the 1920’s, Festivus first came to light in an episode of Sienfield and has captured the hearts of all those sick of the commercialisation of Christmas everywhere, mostly because it is downright silly and features such delights as a yearly theme (Is there light at the end of the tunnel?), an aluminum pole Christmas tree substitute, the airing of grievances, and a wrestling match.
The reason I mention it is two-fold. Firstly because I just know my Dad would love it, and secondly because I think the world would be a better place if we  aired our grievances and didn’t let them fester till they almost sent us doo-lally…
Festivus greetings include:
“The Festivus Light are all aglow.
I thought that you should know,
I’m very disappointed in you.”
Which I think is just plain wonderful. Isn’t is just the worst thing in the world to be the cause of someones disappointment? Wouldn’t you feel better if you knew you were letting someone down? And better still if you could tell whoever that you thought they were appalling??
Go on, be brave! Nobody said BrocanteHome rituals had to be all nicey-nice and this is I think, one that could make all the difference. And if you can’t quite work up the nerve to have a go at an unsuspecting relative, pour yourself a brandy, and to the warble of Judy Garland, sit down and write a list of grievances. Really give them what for, get them out of your system, and then chuck ’em on the fire…
You know you want to.

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