For the Love of Cath Kidston

By Alison May 18, 2010 9 Comments 2 Min Read

Ah yes. Summer has arrived in a wave of Citronella and jam pots at Cath Kidston, and though I dream of papering my bedoom in Woodstock Rose to be seen on the left of the picture above, my budget at the moment, besieged by bills and car repairs, will probably only stretch to a set of lunchboxes and that will have to be the cherry on top of a life dressed in joy…
Elsewhere on my Cath Kidston Wish List on this glorious day in May?
The Jam Pot Covers. Imagine your little collection of Summer morning jam topped with these pretties at the breakfast table. Sooooooo pretty. So Brocante.
The Cherry Sandwich Boxes. Though I rarely go anywhere that requires the carrying of a lunchbox, I am coveting these yummy cherry topped boxes for storing cheese and butter in my Brocante-homed fridge…
The Ric Rac Tepee. Because I dream of spending a Bohemian Summer living in a field. Or at the end of the sprawling back garden I haven’t got…
Sweet William Seeds. Because these are quite the prettiest seed packets on sale in the whole wide world and the silly little romantic me has visions of puttering around the most divine of Victorian kitchen gardens tending radishes and Sweet Williams grown purely for the pretty…
And finally the Under Bed Storage Bag. Because I do believe that even the places we keep hidden from public view should be sprinkled with a little bit of the loveliest of floral dust…
Have a lovely day Housekeepers.


  1. Carlie says:

    Oh so cute! I love the idea of keeping cheese in the little cherry boxes!
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  2. megan says:

    Oh I do wish she'd open a store in Australia.
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  3. Victoria says:

    The lunchboxes are on my wishlist too!
    Victoria xx

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh you think you have it bad… I walk past the place every evening on my way home from work…. not good… Don't forget, get Easy Living Magazine… free tote bag AND 15% discount voucher too!
    My recent post Theresa Andersson

    1. Brocante says:

      Oh Sarah I am an Easy Living magazine subscriber and wouldn't you just know it: got the bag I didn't want and now feel the urge to buy another copy to get the one I do: would that be outrageous??

  5. Valerie says:

    I say do the wallpaper… Are you like me? Do you long to do things and then always find reasons not to? I feel like that's my modus operandi and I don't every realize it most of the time.
    Do it! 😉
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  6. Vee says:

    Alison, I just love the look of your new blog and I can't wait to really look it over. All the best with it!

  7. sallypaper says:

    Everytime I see a post about Cath Kidson I get so envious. There isn't one around me. I love everything I see from wallpaper to purses. OK, now you got me going. I'll do my dishes, bake my banana bread and get back to reality. Smiles, Sally

  8. Sian says:

    I saw the new collection a couple of weeks ago and added pretty much everything to my wish list! I don't think she does anything that I don't like. I'm not near a shop but there's always online!
    My recent post Tweet too!

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