Form Before Function.

By Alison June 10, 2007 7 Comments 1 Min Read


I get more ridiculous by the day.

I recently changed washing powder. Not because I objected to the eco-credentials of my previous preferred brand, or because it brought me out in a rash or smelled to high heaven. No. Nothing so worthy. I have stopped buying Fairy and started buying Filetti, because for the few moments after I take it  out of my string shopping bag, it looks, in all its pink glory, much prettier sitting on my laundry room work surface…

So ok maybe I was ever so slightly seduced by the pink strands of almond oil and vitamin e, but if the truth be told I am buying Filetti because it has pink packaging, and the fact that I have to add my own oils to scent my laundry is apparently not an issue when the manufacturers have seen fit to wrap their product in a happy colour…

That is ludicrous and I know it, especially as it is no sooner admired than it is decanted into my powder pink laundry tin and the ever so desirable cardboard chucked on the recycling pile.

Perhaps I need help.   


  1. olivia gordon says:

    Hi Alison,
    I'm a journalist writing for the Daily Mail (Femail)and I've been trying to email you but not sure you got my email..would really love to interview you about your blog – it's v urgent as my deadline is Wednesday! Please could you get in touch? My email address is and number is 07855 465 442. Really hope to hear from you! Best wishes,Olivia Gordon

  2. Gayla says:

    I think I'd buy it for the pink packaging, as well. How cute. We don't have that in Missouri… just orange, bold blue..??? red, I think… I'm jealous.

  3. Melissa from Georgia says:

    I think you are in fantastic need of help but so am I because if that detergent were available to me I too would succumb to it's lustful pink packaging. Your website makes me smile, I feel I am no longer alone in my love for all things girly and vintage…and while I am a proud feminist, I love my housekeeping and homemaking and my pursuit of a simple lovely life with enough vintage sexiness to keep life anything but mundane or boring. Thank You for being so much fun!

  4. Grace says:

    You can bet I'd buy this if were available here in the US. Such prettiness cannot be ignored!

  5. carolyn says:

    It's been proved that something like 8 out of 10 women will always pick the pink version (not sure if my stats are right but you get the gist) so very clever marketing by Filleti. And guess what? I'll now be looking out for this on my next shop, oh dear now who needs help?

  6. Amy Wagner says:

    How funny that you wrote about fabric softener. I did too a few days before you on my blog. It was one of my thrifty tricks I shared. I love your blog.

  7. mijk says:

    Í bought a glorius emaille laundrypowder tin just to lightnen up my laundryroom! I wouldnever shift brands because we are rpone to rashes and I hate perfumed laundry but I know the need for pretty..

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