From A Nightmare to a Dream

By Alison August 5, 2015 6 Comments 2 Min Read

From A Nightmare to a Dream

People, my bedroom is a mess. No, really: it is a mess. It feels noisy. Do you know what I mean? I walk in seeking serenity and instead I sense chaos. In fact have a close look at the moodboard below and you will see what I mean: chaos reigns at the moment because my naughty not so little now puppy ATE my best bedlinen, and a crazy, busy summer means that I am doing things I have never done before, including leaving the room first thing in the morning without making the bed (shoot me now!) and chucking my clothes on to my desk chair without even considering opening the wardrobe. I am a housekeeper behaving badly and frankly there is no denying it!
Step in The Yorkshire Linen Co, ready to save me from the kind of bedroom destined to send me nightmares. With a budget of £75.00 to transform my bedroom from said nightmare to a dream I have trawled the corridors of their website in search of peace and discovered that my heart yearns for crisp new bedlinen and the serenity of white cotton.
In terms of the bones of my bedroom, I have dark wood floors and furniture, a granny clock I simply adore and cream walls and wardrobes. The atmosphere is set by my twenty five year old collection of American naive portraits: the scary little girls I have had in each of my bedrooms since I was seventeen. Deep and serious portraits do a great job of setting the tone of the room but the sombre lovely little faces on each of the portraits are compromised by the noise in the rest of the room and I do believe that the answer lies giving them centre stage in the room without visual competition from busy bed-linen…
And so that became my focus when browsing around all the simple linens the Yorkshire Linen Co had to offer and this me Darlings is how I have chosen to bring serenity to my bedroom for the relatively tiny sum of £75.00…
First up, the simplest, duvet set I could find: The Minimalist White Duvet Set in King Size, because all though I have a standard double bed frame, the quickest way to make a bed feel utterly luxurious is to add a bigger, more generous duvet and cover…
minimalist-white_2 (1)
Next the Julia White bedspread, again in King Size so it drapes beautifully over the bed in luxurious fashion, alongside two matching white Julia pillowshams…
And finally two floral generic cushions… because I am a woman who likes to prop herself up in bed and cannot sleep if I haven’t got a cushion to cuddle…
Heaven right? As soon as I take delivery,  I will spend an afternoon prettying up my room, making up my bed the Brocante way and finally showing off the results right here…


  1. Maureen says:

    Sounds utterly scrumptious Alison. Your little sojourn at the seaside has done you the world of good xx

  2. Beautiful choices! I remember reading about making my bed the Brocante way years ago when you first wrote it and it changed everything about how I treated my bedroom. You know exactly the perfect way to create a calming and beautiful bedroom

  3. Angel Jem says:

    Apt reminder for me to check my own bedlinen, after I’ve cleared my bedroom and painted it and put back only the things I love and that make my heart sing…. (which website have I been reading too much of?!?)

  4. Angel Jem says:

    Apt reminder for me to check my own bedlinen, after I’ve cleared my bedroom and painted it and put back only the things I love and that make my heart sing…. (which website have I been reading too much of?!?)

  5. Karla says:

    Oh dear, can I ever relate to that! Our bedroom always feels noisy and chaotic and I am usually too tired or frustrated or flumoxed on what to start with to do much. As soon as I clean it up, it goes right back to messy in a jiffy.
    What a wonderful website for linens! I need to find something similar here in the US. Those prices are amazing.

  6. Dawn Gilmore says:

    Oooh, what lovely linens you’ve chosen. Very reasonable prices, too.
    I agree that getting bed covers larger than the usual bedding size makes things luxe.
    My bedroom is a mess of laundry needing to be put away, laundry waiting to be washed, and assorted clutter on all surfaces. I have to get on the ball and neaten up the place.

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