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By Alison April 27, 2015 18 Comments 4 Min Read

Ok my Lovelies, it is a Monday. That means that it is the start of a new week and here on BrocanteHome the glorious start of a scrumptious new season, and so my Darlings I thought it was time I shared my plans for my writing, and for the site over the next few months, with you my loyal readers….
Above all else this is a roadmap for me. Though my plans are never cast in stone, I recognise the need for some sort of schedule to work to and thus laying out my plans here is both an agreement and a promise.
1. The next download I plan on converting for the Kindle. And for this I wanted your opinion, because I am all in a dither about whether you would prefer to have The Art of  Homemaking or A Year of Puttery Treats in e-book form first?
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2. My next big download – House Rules! Due for delivery to all those of you who are kind enough to buy it on Thursday the 14th May, House Rules is your guide to establishing personal and domestic habits, guide-lines and boundaries, and will, with a commitment to its principles help you dream up a way of life you can adhere to without going off track, whenever hormones, financial problems or general chaos get in your way!
House Rules
What’s included in House Rules?
* Getting out of your comfort zone, and using organisation, discipline and aspiration to change your way of life.
* Writing your very own “HOUSE MISTRESS PLAN”
* Choosing yourself over everybody else and understanding why their co-operation isn’t important.
*  Understanding domestic discipline. And why it matters to your heart, health and home.
* Establishing domestic goals and creating “house rules” to support them.
* Cultivating personal aspiration and not being scared to demand more of yourself than ever before!
*  Using lists to support new habits and routines, and using The Four Agreements to stay true to your rules.
* Apps, books and other media to inspire you.
* Planner pages, worksheets and journal prompts.
This is, my dears, a complete manifesto for change.
It builds on everything you have already learned about living the BrocanteHome way of life and demands that all the principles, routines and rituals you so very much want to embrace, finally become the guiding posts they should always have been.
Want House Rules? Get it at the PRE-ORDER price of just $20.00 (usual price $30.00) today, and it will be delivered to your in-box on the 14th May, just in time for an organised, disciplined and oh so beautiful Summer…
Hop over to Etsy to buy it now…
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3. My next School of Life course… The Summer House will be available on the 30th May. Because of the change in European VAT law, I need to charge for each School of Life course through Etsy, instead of CourseCraft, so please head on over there for further details of The Summer House, and of course to grab the early bird price of just $5.00.
The Summer House
[button href=”″ primary=”true” centered=”true” newwindow=”true”]Click Here To Pre-Order The Summer House on Etsy Now![/button]
4. And finally: the big news! I am embarking on huge new venture… my first crowd-funded, real life, hold it in your hands book: The BrocanteHome Book of Days.
Divided into months, and with a theme for each month as below…
January: Vintage Housekeeping
February: Routine and Ritual
March: Authenticity
April: Scrub
May: Thrift
June: Putter
July: Feast
August: Accomplish
September: Treasure
October: Snuggle
November: Entertain
December: Celebrate
The BrocanteHome Book of Days will be my very first, grand scale adventure in writing, with an e-book publishing date in September and a physical book to available for delivery in December. It represents the culmination of everything I know about how to live a life rich in routine, ritual and celebration and will I hope be the book you have always wanted me to write…
The concept of crowd-funding a big venture like this is very new to me and I am still finalising the details with PubSlush but your help will mean that I can dedicate enough time to writing it, and having it printed without financial uncertainty before publication.
Further details, a downloadable overview of the book and the titles for each of the 365 essays included,  and my live “Pubslush” page will be available in the next few days.
Darlings I am so very excited to feel this alive again!x


  1. Tiff says:

    Good for you Alison! I am so excited for you and your upcoming projects (especially House Rules)! Your mother would be so proud.
    With love and excitement,

  2. Hannah says:

    Happy New Year! Your poll couldn’t have been more appropriate today. I was sat procrastinating over the cleaning this morning and just had no get up and go. So, I sat and read a few pages of the Art of Homemaking and your writing got me going, I cleaned and washed and scrubbed knowing how much better I’d feel afterwards, that letting my routine slip always makes me feel worse in the end. And now I’ve sat down and seen your exciting news about your new downloads and book. And of course your poll, I think you can guess which download I’ll be voting for.

  3. Tiffani says:

    So many exciting things!

  4. Heather F says:

    I cannot wait for your “real” book! I really dislike reading books on the Kindle. I have been waiting for you to do this for YEARS! So happy 🙂

  5. Dawn says:

    Oooh, wonderful things are coming! I can’t wait!

  6. Helen says:

    Well, now I know what I want for Christmas! That is fantastic news…nothing compares to the written word in paper form. Keep it up Ms May, you’re doing very nicely indeed.

  7. Gayla says:

    I have ordered tor me lovelies … and i cannot wait for the new book of days. .. wonderful news. I’m thinking I’ll need some for holiday gifts. .. Hugs and my total devotion forever and a day .

  8. Gillian says:

    Some books are lovely and just fine on a kindle, but every so often, one is just so special that it demands to be bought and loved for its physical presence too.
    I am happily anticipating a Christmas treat just for me…thank you in advance Alison!

  9. Alison C says:

    Great news. Looking forward to the new articles. Will these be included in the Superstars?

  10. Katherine says:

    Yee-haw!!! Back in the scrumptious saddle! ♡

  11. Mimi xx says:

    Lovely news to start the week with!

  12. Anna says:

    I am actually dribbling. I was going to reread your books but instead I’m going to have something new to read. Hurrah!

  13. April Carr says:

    Happy New Year! I’m pretty stinking excited, too! I’ve already pre-ordered the two things for May and will be patiently (sort of) waiting the book of days. 🙂 Great work!

  14. Sandra says:

    Hi Alison,
    I’m really excited to hear your news !
    I just wanted to ask if the House Rules and Summer House will be available for Superstar members ?

  15. jademichele says:

    looking forward to the Book of Days!

  16. Dawn says:

    I pre-ordered both new items. How do we get them when they are released? Will we be emailed a link to a download? Is it on this site somewhere to download?
    It’s now May 18 and House Rules was said to be released on May 14 but so far I haven’t received any info on how to get it.

  17. Mimi xx says:

    Was just wondering about the new download, how do we get it please?
    I preordered it but not sure where to find it,

  18. Kassie says:

    Something has clearly gone awry – I’m sure Alison will be in touch when she can.

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