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Look to the top left of your screen and you will see a little Google box lurking rather prettily. Up until today you have only been able to use this box to search the rest of the internet, but because we now have more than 250 posts on BrocanteHome I thought it was time I provided the means to search for articles on The Chronicles…

So if for example, the post you were looking for was about Finley, you would simply choose "Brocante Home"  instead of "Web", type in "Finley" and voila, five pages of links to posts that mention Finley would show up, like this… 

I am thrilled to bits. Even I’m starting to get lost around here lately.

Hope it helps.


  1. Auntie Barbie! says:

    Fantastic! You never cease to amaze me…am so proud. Of course I did type in Finley and re-read all the lovely things (that I already know!) about him again.Big hugs to you allxxx
    P.S Do you think sometime you could give your computer baffled aunt a crash course?!

  2. Aboo says:

    Seems the same results do not show up, on really searching using the left top google search!

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