By Alison January 15, 2005 3 Comments 2 Min Read

On the Decision to Advertise.

I didn’t wanna do it. I really didn’t wanna do it.

I kinda hate myself for it.

But here’s the thing: this site has changed my little life. I adore it. But oh my Lordy, it is time consuming. All of a sudden I’ve got a full time job!

If BrocanteHome is to become the treasured community that I hope it will be, I have to work hard at it. If I’m working so hard I haven’t got time to stencil the houses of Lancashire, then I have to find a way to make BrocanteHome pay its way.

Hence the horrible Google box.

Now I wander around the world wide web cursing every site that has sold its soul to Google. Too many sites are little more than adverts for adverts sake. I despise the idea of compromising content for a few little pennies, but occasionally in life you have to wake up and smell the Redoute Roses: Finley needs food, the car needs petrol and I need Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion.

So there it is: the reason why there is a blinking big Google box in the left column of my lovely site. I have tried to make it as pretty as possible, but I have no control over the content so while one day there will adverts for vintage quilts, the next there may be adverts for… well God knows what, but hopefully nothing too horrible! Furthermore, I promise original content will always come before any form of advertising, and I will never succumb to pop-ups, ugly banners, anything that flashes or any other form of intrusive advertising. Help yourself to my lovely collection of crystal sugar bowls if I do.

Please feel free to ignore this almost blatant form of begging, or indeed, keep the site alive by clicking on the occasional ad.

Hopefully I will win the lottery and we will never need to mention this again.

Have a lovely Saturday night.


  1. dana says:

    we do what we have to to bring altogether sometimes. make no apologies!!

  2. Melissa says:

    At least you're color-coordinated!

  3. Auntie M says:

    I agree, we do what we have too. Since the ads are near the bottom, they aren't that noticeable.

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