Gwenda Maree McDougall

By Alison November 6, 2009 No Comments 1 Min Read
Wouldn’t these gorgeous vintage inspired prints look wonderful decorating the walls of a white nursery?
While stumbling around the world wide web today I happened across the work of one Gwenda Maree Mcdougal, an Australian artist who, like me, began her career in faux finishes, trompe l’oeil, and interior decor, but who (unlike me!) went on to bigger and better things and is who is probably best known, to women of a certain decorating age, for her series of Auricula Paintings, the prints of which, rather serendipitiously, almost kept my interior design shop afloat for a good few years in the mid 1990’s, and are probably still to be found gracing the wall of many a West Lancashire home!

And now, the very same artist who so seamlessly captured the mood of every country house in the land then, captures now, with all the same panache, the kind of aesthetic that has many a vintage gal dancing with glee… 

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