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" A home to me is something that rises way above consumerism. It’s value is more in emotional capital rather than financial capital. Our homes are places where we can be ourselves and not have to be on parade. The utopian side of me wants everyone to have had homes like mine which simply bring back happy memories and are great places for family life"

                                                                                                          Wayne Hemingway.

Dontcha just love Wayne Hemingway?  In his own inimitable, slightly wacky style he always manages to speak truth wrapped in common sense: and while I don’t necessarily buy his personal aesthetic, I am 150% behind his vision of the urban landscape, and both his anti elitist stance and committment to ecological issues. 

The fact that an ordinary childhood, like Waynes (and mine!) in all it’s silly suburban glory is a utopian ideal is terribly sad, and in a world where even the most ordinary terraces are tripling in value quicker than you can say beans on toast, the definition of "home" as we know it, is becoming a dubious concept as too many of us seek to cash in on the money tied up in our houses at the expense of creating a life for our children inside the security of walls they know and love.

Family life matters and it thrives when home is a constant we can rely upon.

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