Happy New Year!

By Alison January 6, 2009 2 Min Read


One day it was the first of a brand new year and the next we are six days into 2009 and I haven’t had a minute to say hello…. so hello, and oh my how I have missed you while I have been busy swiping away the last of Christmas,  taking delivery of my childhood, (as tea chest by tea chest, my Mum and Dad empty twenty five years of memories from their loft before they leave for pastures new…) and indeed doing a bit of house-moving all by myself…

No. I am not moving. This house is way too cute too abandon. No, I shall, I think, be sleeping under these eaves for many a year yet… but as my word for 2009 is CHANGE, I thought it was time to re-think BrocanteHome and a whole lotta thinking has resulted in a whole lotta changing and I am happy to announce that from next week dear old BrocanteHome has got herself a swanky new pad.(A swanky new pad…goodness theres speaks my inner Doris again…)

I have been blogging here on Typepad for more than four years now and in the spirit of the new year and perhaps merely in want of a change of scenery, I think it’s time to go live in the blogging equivalent of Holland. Or maybe Italy? (Actually there is a bit of me that has always wanted to live in   Paris. So Paris it is.) Or erm…. Blogger? Yes ok, Blogger. So me and mine are moving to Blogger and taking all our pretties with us.

When all is said and done Typepad has been good to BrocanteHome, and it’s support staff are second to none, but it has it’s limitations when the blogger in charge has taught herself all she knows about CSS and HTML from Google and still can’t work out how to do all the itty bitty scraps of loveliness that Blogger makes it so easy to acheive. The past three months have shown me that my writing is compromised by the effort it takes to do many of the tasks that are automated on other sites and I truly miss writing the way I used to…

And so my darlings this is au revoir. I sincerely hope you will re-set your bookmarks to BrocanteHome.Co.Uk and join me when the new site goes live on Monday the 12th January…

Till then, a great big New years Mwah to each and everyone of you… it’s been a blast!

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