Hello Postman, Aren't You Lovely?

By Alison April 30, 2011 6 Comments 1 Min Read

The postman hasn’t been kind recently. It’s been bill after bill after, ooh look at that, another bill! And all bills and no pretties make Alison a miserable old mooch. The kind of miserable old mooch who is tempted to start making random on-line purchases in an effort to cheer the morning post up, until she remembers that all pennies must be dedicated to boring old bills and thus a life of misery and mooching must continue to be hers for the time being…
And then one fine sunny Saturday morning said miserable mooch hears a kerfuffle in the porch and donning her Sherlock eyeglass opens the door to investigate. And there stands a postman never before seen in these parts. A postman trying to shove parcels through the miserable moochs letterbox to no avail because only opening the door and giving her face a smily holiday will enable him to gift her with this months copy of Easy Living, resplendent with free Cath Kidston gift bag and catalogue and in a second  delightfully pretty parcel, a lovely note from the darling Danielle, alongside a copy of the book of her wonderful blog, Housework Blues.
Job done. Miserable mooch once more perky and full of the joys of Spring.
So now a morning in the garden has been blessed with joyful reading matter. I am fresh from a rosemary scented shower in a floaty white thing of which I think you would approve, energised and about to blitz strawberries into milk. Lena Horne is singing her heart out and an England still aglow from a thoroughly modern, thoroughly emotional Royal wedding, is such a darling  place to be today…


  1. Joanne says:

    Alison, it's amazing how something special in the mail can positively made one's day! I'm like a 'kid in a candy store' whenever I hear the postman's motorbike whizzing around our neighbourhood.
    Oh, and the wedding – wasn't it divine? The rich colours of the church, the spring flowers, the greenery, the pageantry, the romance, the perfect amount of cloud cover for photos… Simply gorgeous. I felt as though I was there. I do love a good wedding!

  2. Lynda says:

    Although I didn't get to see more than the photos in the Guardian, I loved the vintage Aston Martin and the dress.
    Oh, and the Downing Street Cat in a bow tie (in the Guardian)…
    And Doctor Who at the wedding…

  3. Katherine says:

    I'm going to have to see if Easy Living is available around here; I'd love to be inspired by a new-to-me magazine! 😉
    Alison, I've been reading your blog from my iPad, and really like the set-up, front page, and "swipe" me button. Have a beautiful and blessed week! 🙂

    1. brocantehome says:

      Oooooh Katherine, send me your address and I will post you a copy of the Cath Kidston edition of Easy Living as a thank you for being th first person to let me know that the snazzy new version of BrocanteI have set up for the ipad is actually working!
      Glad it looks good!

      1. Katherine says:

        What a pleasant surprise!! Gladly! 😉

  4. betts says:

    I love mail days like that! The free Cath Kidson bag is a beauty…jealous!

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