Home Bird

By Alison July 24, 2015 5 Comments 2 Min Read

Home Bird

And so as I pack my suitcase for the first week long actual holiday I have had in more than twenty years (sad but true), I am all of a quiver about what a person does when she is spirited away from her usual routines and plonked down on the rainy shores of Whitstable. What if I can’t relax until the day before we are due to drive home? What if I get stir crazy and drive the entire family crazy in response? What if I love holiday so much I find real life all kinds of dull there on after?
This is the problem with being a home bird. Sometimes a well-meaning family takes it in to their collective head to make her fly! And ooh how she gets her feathers in a twist when they do…
I mean really: fancy forcing me into a lovely little cottage at the seaside when BBC Two is finally airing Life In Squares!  (What if I don’t like the furniture or can’t sleep because the pillow isn’t moulded to the exact shape of my silly head?) Imagine insisting that I down laptop and pick up bucket and spade! Do they not understand what they are wishing upon their own heads? Don’t they know that there is a law against self-employed people going on holiday? What if there is no wi-fi (shoot me now)? There will be no holding my natural nowtiness in! This is a woman scared of oysters and averse to paddling. A woman who gets weird if she is forced to eat relentlessly because her tummy goes on strike when she is forced to be away from the sanctity of her own bathroom! A woman who might just run a little wild in the teeny tiny little seaside shops and boutiques rumoured to line the streets! A woman who may miss man and dog so much she packs up her little red patent leather bag and thumbs a lift home!
It’s a worry. In fact I can’t help feeling sorry for said assorted family. I suspect the only solution to solving a problem like Alison, is to pickle me in red wine and insist I enjoy myself.
Wish them luck won’t you?


  1. Jane says:

    I am a homebody also. It takes my family a lot to pry me out of the house, but the minute I’m on the road, I start to enjoy myself.

  2. Keri Howard says:

    You truly deserve this vacation and you NEED it as well!! I’m sure you’ll miss Ste and Alfie, which will make going home all the sweeter!

  3. Jo Kneale says:

    I love time away from home, and a week is just long enough to get you thinking about what you want to do in the house and not long enough to frustrate you because you have all the ideas and aren’t there!
    Go and enjoy the break; sit and tickle the sand with your toes and please, oh please, get tiddly tipsy at least once. You have my permission, and my permission is worth a lot!

  4. Dawn Gilmore says:

    You’ll have a ball and come home to love your cottage even more. I hope the weather cooperates while you are there.

  5. ldirk says:

    Gads, we are so much alike. Well, you’ll need a really really really good book to take your mind off of being on vacay. A very gentle laxative (sorry but the bathroom problems are REAL, people) Paper and pen so you can still write. A project to do…I know seems weird. But a scrapbook project, or a sewing project will help you feel like you are still being productive. Mentally go though a day and see what you can not possibly live without that you can possibly take with you (a fan, pillow, etc) Take lots of photos so you can make a scrapbook of your time. Better yet make it as you go! Good Luck! I leave next week too and dreading it 😉

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