At the heart of BrocanteHome there has always been my Housekeeper’s Diary – the chronicle of my days and a journal of my heart.

Welcome to BrocanteHome

I’m So Very Glad You Are Here.

There is almost twenty years of my life here on BrocanteHome: a life both well-lived and hard-fought so at the age of 50, at the end of a truly heart-breaking relationship, I created my own Renaissance, lost seventy pounds (and counting!), and started again

So BrocanteHome is for everywoman at mid-life feeling overwhelmed or sad, tired or hopeless. It is for every woman who has been dragged to hell and back and is ready to meet the woman she was always supposed to be, (despite everything).

It is for me and it is for you. It is home, heart, body and soul. Menopausal chin hair and all.

We can do this. I promise.


Woman. In Bits

A new write-a-long series at BrocanteHome. Join me as I write the story of my life in short, and share prompts for you to do the same. Lets un-do ourselves one paragraph at a time.

Starts September 19th

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