Hospitality Under The Influence.

By Alison November 30, 2006 3 Comments 3 Min Read


She’s funny is Amy Sedaris.

And after waiting what seems like fifty years, her book "I Like You: Hospitality Under The Influence", finally landed on my doorstep this morning, just in time for a chuckle with my morning cocktail…

And Housekeepers it really is as madly daft and quirky and wonderful as Amy is…



"Even though the word "entertainment" is commonly used today, to me it sounds charmingly old-fashioned, like courtship or back-alley abortion. I like the traditional idea of entertaining, which for me means lively guests, good food, cocktails, and bubbly conversation. I’d like to bring entertaining back to these essentials. I’m not concerned with proper table settings, seating arrangements, or formal etiquette. Who can have a good time with all those rules? How can you enjoy yourself if you’re worried whether you’re using the right fork, or wondering whether the pumpkin is the bowl or part of the meal? I’m not trying to discourage you from being creative or encouraging you to neglect the details, but know that the nuts of any good party  are the simple basics provided in a warm environment.<

I tend to live my life like a deaf person. I communicate with my actions:  the way I dress, the way my home is decorated, and the gifts I give all speak for me. I take this to heart when I entertain. My food, my party decorations, the games I create, and the music I play are  all personal expressions. This is what will make your party special,  sharing a piece of you, a feeling. It’s not a competition. You don’t have to be the perfect host, just the prettiest.

This is not a joke cookbook. I don’t like joke cookbooks because I can’t take them seriously. This book is full of real information. Most of the little I know, I learned from my mom, as well as Girl Scouts and Junior Achievements, my second first grade teacher, my family, Aunt Joyce, the backs of boxes, the lady who works at the post office, encyclopedias, the beach, bartending school, grocery stores, airports, waiting on tables, Mrs. Enchandi, nurses, sitcoms, Hugh, listening to the radio, babysitting, rock concerts, summer school, and the  House Rabbit Society. I was also fascinated by two local hospitality shows: At Home with Peggy Mann and The Betty Elliot Show. I wanted to be both those women and now here’s my chance, and hopefully, with the help of my book, it will be your chance as well."

Sounds utterly nuts right? Well it is, and like a breath of fresh air in a world where Martha Stewart exists it is an absolute joy. Lets be honest here; most of us  are more Amy than we are Martha, no matter what secret ambitions as a hostess we might harbour… 

Visit the website and buy the book.


  1. Alicat says:

    I absolutely ADORE her book! It is huge, for one thing. She is so funny and the pictures are hilarious. Buy this book! 🙂

  2. Alicat says:

    I absolutely ADORE her book! It is huge, for one thing. She is so funny and the pictures are hilarious. Buy this book! 🙂

  3. dianeinjapan says:

    Like Alicat, I was surprised by the size of this book. It's a whopper! My copy just came in the mail, too–but I can't read it yet because it's a "Christmas gift" from my family to me (but purchased by me). Waaaah!

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