Household Organization

By Alison October 19, 2010 1 Comment 1 Min Read

It is always something of a thrill to me when I am able to bring to your screens a little something that I know will speak to your vintage housekeepers heart and this morning is no exception.
Household Organization by Florence Caddy is one of the books I have long treasured on my shelf of vintage domestic manuals and this morning I was so pleased to see it finally available online, and thus deliver it to you right here on Brocantehome.
While it may at first seem like every other household manual of it’s genre, skip past all mention of the servant problem and how to blacken your grate to the absolute gems to be found in Caddy’s writing: gems that speak of the most modern of housekeepers problems with references to other writers from her era and knowing comments on what it is to try to combine a life as a homemaker with that of a woman longing to cultivate her interests in all manner of subjects beyond the home, while adapting your lifestyle to new financial circumstances. (Which strikes me as particularly pertinent in these difficult times we are currently living through).
I love it, and I hope you will too..
P.S: If you are reading this in a reader you may need to hop over to the site to read the book and should your browser still refuse to play ball, you can view it in other formats (including for the darling Kindle) right here.

1 Comment

  1. melissa says:

    Thanks for the book link. I do love stuff like this. 🙂 And Mrs. Thrifty is wonderful…had never been to her site before, but my goodness it's cool!

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