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By Alison May 1, 2010 2 Comments 3 Min Read

Ok Honey Pies, today I am kicking off a brand new feature on BrocanteHome: The Housekeepers Blog Hop.
Here’s the premise: I start at one of the utterly scrumptious blogs I subscribe to on BlogLovin, tell you exactly what it is I love about it, then use that blog as a starting point to hop over to another via a great comment, post recommendation or appearance in the blog-roll. Every week hereafter I start at the last blog featured and on and on it rolls…
In this way I get to  say  hello to a whole host of new to me blogs,  perhaps adding another great find to my personal blog roll , while simultaneously creating a map of the vintage blogosphere that could be rather wonderful for all of us who adore this astonishingly creative medium…
Dottie Angel

The Starting Point…

First up is top of the absolute, bestest blogs on my blog roll:  the utterly scrumptious, totally inspirational Dottie Angel.
Last September Tif declared, in a post titled “A Challenge of the Upmost Kind” that she was planning to  to spend one year buying only hand-made or secondhand goods for both her house and her closet, using only creative ingenuity to see her through this most challenging of fabulous ideas.
And so far she has done herself proud, not least because Tif, a mom of four, is a woman blessed with the kind of inate style that makes you want to sigh with despair at your own valiant, but not quite so delicious effort.  But alas, we all need inspiration and the crafty ramblings of Dottie Angel are mine: her posts are written like the briefest of poetry, sparse and quirky as she shares the details of her day and snippets of pure, eccentric, lovely imagination , while her photographs are crisp and pretty and full of pattern and joy. That she is both talented and committed to such a big ask make her pretty downright wonderful and I for one cannot wait for the re-stocking of her shop on May 21st…

The Constant Gatherer

..And the Hop!

Lurking in Dottie angels extensive blog-roll was The Constant Gatherer, the personal blog of Katie Runnels, or in her own words, a “Treasury” of all the art, artists and ideas that inspire her journey as a mixed-media maker of some of the most lovely assemblage pieces you will ever care to see
With quite the most gorgeous birdy inspired background to her blog, Katie features an eclectic mix of artists and has created in more than 800 posts a vast scrapbook of inspiration which more than explains the title of “Constant Gatherer”, with her eye ranging over finds as eclectic as Sweet Jessies Vintage Dream-Catchers and the stunning visuals included in this Stop-Motion artist collaberation entitled Lost Things
But it is the extensive collection of links in the side-bar that I really loved about this blog, divided carefully as they are into  sections featuring blogs, boutiques, artist supply and business links, and it is this kind of willingness to share personal inspiration that no doubt has many a Constant Gatherer reader frequenting Katies blog daily…
Go say hello and while you are at either Dottie Angel or indeed, The Constant Gatherer do tell them BrocanteHome sent you, won’t you?
(P.S: Next week, we take flight from The Constant Gatherer and who knows where that journey will take us…)


  1. jane junk says:

    I LOVE this Alison – it is bigger and brighter than before, but still has its original warmth and charm – look forward to when you finish dotting and crossing!

  2. Heather says:

    What a fabulous idea!

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