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By Alison March 17, 2011 10 Comments 3 Min Read

Hello Darlings. Was it something I said? Though I know you are still reading, you have all been so terribly quiet lately, it’s making me a little sad! I do hope we are all still friends because I am a blogger awash with a scrumptiously eclectic list of wonderful things to share with you tonight…
* First up Royal Wedding fever. Though I rather fear for that darling Kate Middleton’s sanity joining what is a rather mad family, celebration and much related tat abound on these shores with every cup and tea-towel manufacturer in the land rushing to commemorate the wedding of this lovely, quiet couple. Most of it isn’t fit to fill wit the most orange of foul tasting builders brew, but Emma Bridgewater has of course come up trumps with some truly scrumptious Royal Wedding memorabilia, which wouldn’t look out of place in even the chichiest of shabby kitchens. Yey for a woman who is turning out to be a truly British, much loved icon of our times: you can even organize a street party on her site!
* Secondly, a line from a Pink Floyd song that has been spinning around my head and bothering me…
” All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be.”

* Next this ever so fabulous FREE download from the Goddess Leonie over at the Goddess GuideBook, a truly scrumptious peek into twenty women’s morning routines, including those of Sark and Jennifer Louden. Don’t miss this one, it’s gently inspirational…

*   Now some girly eye-candy for all your iApple devices… deliciously pretty co-ordinating backgrounds for the  iPhone, iPad and iTouch, with matching calendar wallpaper and Mac desktop software from Cuptakes. I used to be a PC but any day soon my conversion to a Mac will be complete. Will I be a happier bunny? Let’s wait and see…

* Next up a lovely interview with Christina Strutt from Cabbages and Roses on Modern Country Style.’ and an absolutely wonderful post by Darcy from Life With My Three Boybarians on self-discipline, that is well worth taking on board…

* Now  a page full of shoes TO DIE FOR from a vintage copy of Vogue, circa 1956, from My Vintage Vogue
* And finally a set of rules for behavior for the younger generation (designed to help them avoid mere survival…) from APC director Jean Touitou that I might just have to have blown up and spelled out on Finley’s wall…

1. Although appearance shows quite the reverse the natural trend of the system is to turn you into a slave. Your mission is to remain erect and never crawl.
2. When learning, you must know how to make the clear distinction between what is ideology and what is genuine knowledge.
3. Be fully aware of the difference between making a compromise and compromising yourself.
4. Whatever happens, heart break hotel is sure to be your dwelling place, for one or several stays. This is no reason to over-indulge in the pangs of love for too long.
5. Learn how to make simple and excellent meals.
6. Fear no gods, whatever appearance they may have.
7. For girls: all boys are more or less the same. For boys: all girls are different.
8. Keep well away from competitive sport that will only cause wounds that will make you suffer when you are over forty.
9. There is no such thing as good and evil. There is what is right and what is bad, what is consistent and what is wrong.

Yes. I think that just about sums everything up.
Enjoy the rest of the week Housekeepers…


  1. Namaste says:

    I'm a long time follower, supporter – and very rare commenter…lol. Delightful post! I've enjoyed Goddess Leonie's and SARK's work for a LONG time! Another phenomenal woman in that same vein is Marney Makridakis. ..
    The line from Pink Floyd on one level I dont agree with – because I believe in the infinite ability and potential of the human Spirit. On the other hand I do agree with – because regardless of potential it is actual creation and bringing into BEING that makes it real. Still it is a delicious place to ponder, no?
    In Light, Love and Lustiness,

  2. That last bit…..words to live by. I love the part about how 'boys are all the same and girls are all different'!

  3. Bluebell says:

    Speaking of the royal wedding, Doesn't the 'knitted royal wedding' package sound a hoot?? It's amazing the ideas people come up with. If anyone looks at pics-check out the details, such as 'knitted kate's ' engagement ring! 🙂

  4. Wendy says:

    You asked if we were upset with you because we were so quiet. I can only speak for myself and my family at this time. We have large things happening in other parts of our world that take up brain time right now. I know that there is nothing we can do for the middle east but pray, so we do. There is nothing I can contribute to Japan but prayers, so I do. It is the grasping hold of my own family in these times, as you never know what will happen when. It is also the season of Lent for us. There are things we sracrifice, bringing us into the relationship we want with Christ. So we prayfor others, hold our families as more important than a machine and visit you just sporadically, as we still like you and love the way you do things to brighten up our silly old ideas.
    Blessings to you Alison and hold that real boy of yours real close. As much as he will let you, that is.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love the list of rules and think they are applicable to girls and boys of all ages. So much applies to what is happening in my life now and what has happened recently. Although I wish I had known about number 8 about three decades ago. Gymnastics and ice skating killed this 40 something's knees and ankles! I love the morning ritual book and read it a couple of days ago. I'm inspired to come up with my own. It might be fun to share them…what's yours?

  6. Diane says:

    No, no Duck! It's just that everyone is outside without their computers, they have all unplugged. I can see them out the windows. The grass is Green with tiny white flower petals carpeting it all, chirping BUSY birds, the sky is deep sky blue….. can u feel it? Spring has sprung. I won't tell you the temp. I'm going out to swing in my hammock chair and listen to the action down in the woods. It's Friday night, company is coming, I'm all set. Jusy need the grillman here 🙂

  7. Diana says:

    Those chairs! The house next to my daughter's was being sold and the previous owners were clearing it out. One day she came home from work to find several chairs put out as 'hard rubbish' ( i.e up for grabs) and one of them was very like these. She has it in her shed now wondering just what to do with it and where it will go. She will love this idea.
    As for me I especially love your Carousels, such a range of ideas and inspiration.

  8. Gena says:

    Oh I am still here! just chasing my tail too much of the time! love those chairs and Thank you for the Goddess guide book have shared on facebook for all of my female friends,its wonderful!

  9. Mom of 2 says:

    Just a recent first time visitor..I am sooooo enjoying this site!

    1. brocantehome says:

      That's lovely to hear! Thank you.x

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