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By Alison January 5, 2013 4 Comments 1 Min Read

Hello Darlings, welcome to the weekend and welcome back to Housewives In Art. This time round I will be featuring one picture per post so we can step into my chosen picture and get a feel for the moment in time it describes…
My first offering is “Reflections” by Leonard Campbell Taylor, a traditional portrait and interiors artist born in 1874. I have chosen it this week mostly because it suits my contemplative mood, and the bare bones spirit of never letting auld acquaintances be forgot…
Our housewife has abandoned her daily round to settle down with memories found in a rather divine bureau and sit lost in reverence to all her yesterdays. How often have you done that? How often do your well-meaning intentions to turn Trash to Treasure go astray when you happen across an old diary, book or album? I love that feeling… it’s almost like time travel isn’t it?
I just love this room. The chair, the rug and the paintings. But one thing puzzles me: the wall drapes. Was this a common means of decoration? At first I thought we were seeing two panels of patterned wallpaper for the top of each panel seems to sit under the coving, but careful study reveals the panels to be puddling to the floor, so it is almost certainly fabric. Curiouser and curiouser.
Have a lovely weekend won’t you?


  1. Gill says:

    I simply took them to be curtains, drawn across narrow windows…perhaps I am lacking in imagination this evening!
    The rearrangement of my boys’ room is pulling at my heart strings this week. At nearly 10 and 14 all the last little traces of their nursery days are being removed. Oh me, oh my, where do the years go?

  2. cybill says:

    I’m wondering if the wall drapes, aren’t just an “artistic device”, as in something the artist added to draw the eye and frame the centre scene. They also help with making the proportions of the painting more pleasing, if they weren’t there then there would be a lot of blank space around the top of the painting perhaps?
    Its a beautiful painting, and I just want to walk in and spend some time in it myself (also dressed in a beautiful 1950’s dress).

  3. sallypaper says:

    Such a pretty picture. Thanks for sharing. I can relate to that gal.

  4. Rashmi says:

    I do this act of going through the yesteryears photo albums, letters, old assorted bookcases and trunks in my home and it feels nostalgically good. Thanks for sharing.

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