Housework For The Figure

By Alison September 18, 2008 No Comments 2 Min Read


“I am a housewife. I know just how tiring and thankless housework can be. I know that the daily chores leave little time for looking after one’s face and figure.
But there comes a time when neglect begins to show, when you find you have to take a size larger than the last time you bought a new dress, when your muscles seem to be set.
I have exercised all my life and I am convinced that if the muscles all over the body- which are put there by nature to form a natural corset, bra and general support- are kept toned and supple as in youth, they will retain their elasticity and keep the figure young.

I don’t set aside certain hours for my exercises- they are always with me. The few moments waiting for the kettle to boil or the bath to run- that’s when I stretch, relax, bend and swing. There is no time to overdo it, but these gentle day-in, day-out movements are enough to keep the muscles strong and happy.”
Oh Eileen. If only I was as perfect as you. Though I often find myself pretending to be a ballet dancer when I lean over the dishwasher and stick my leg in the air behind me, the truth is I suspect the elastic in my natural corset snapped a long time ago. But my Dear in your honour, next time I am brushing the carpet I will try to remember to twist from the waist and give the good old love handles a bit of working out…
God knows they need it.

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