Hyacinths From Clare.

By Alison May 4, 2005 1 Comment 1 Min Read


I’ve got this friend. She’s called Clare and I adore her because she’s funny and eccentric and stylish and a teeny bit loopy and she gets me and all my funny ideas like nobody else does, mostly because all the scrumptious things I have to work at, come, oh so naturally, to her…

Today Finley has got a severe case of conjuctivitis, leaving me housebound and a little bit demented with a child lying on the floor shouting "ow" at the top of his voice.  By dinnertime I was going doo-lally, and suddenly there was Clare, with a basket full of homemade salad, cheeses, freshly squeezed orange juice and bread, and a gorgeous bunch of hyacinths, now scenting my kitchen with their gorgeous fragrance. Not only did she bring dinner, she also served it, made us both a cup of tea and listened to me waffle on, while Finley’s eyes oozed more green gunk than you would have ever thought possible…

So this is my Thank You, Clare- nothing cheers me up like flowers do.

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  1. Louise says:

    KISSES for Finley! One of my little ones had that once, and it was no fun (no fun for Mommies, either!) – lucky you to have such a dear friend!

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