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By Alison September 4, 2023 2 Comments 6 Min Read

Well now. You know who you go into something imagining it will be one way and it turns out to be something entirely different? You start off painting a room and when you are done it looks absolutely nothing like the way you pictured it, but you start putting the room back together regardless and as you add each piece, and hang each picture, all of a sudden it is a million times better than you had visualised??

Well yes, that. That is what happened with my latest, lovely Brocante program – Immersion 365. I intended you see to create a course that signposted all the other resources in The Library so that you could go on to fashion your own routines and rituals, but as I sat there brainstorming it all, it got more and more complicated until I realised I was going to leave you in a right old muddle and that what you probably find infinitely more useful would be something that expanded on the much loved daily to-do lists I have shared in our various communities over the years – a guide to the ins and outs of your day, that shows you how it all fits together to create a life less ordinary the BrocanteHome way.

And so Immersion became Immersion 365 and I am feeling all diddly-doo happy about it and I really hope that you are going to feel the same, and that more than that, you are going to find it infinitely useful too.

You see, if you are anything like me, you don’t want to have to THINK. There’s just too much to think about already without having to muddle through vague ideas and possibilities, so isn’t it just a little bit of wonderful when someone comes along and says this is what to do, and this is when to do it?

And so it is, with Immersion 365! This is what to do, and this is when to do it!

Oh yes: each week there is a one page download for each of the seven days – each divided into four time-blocks – morning, midday, afternoon, and evening. And for each quarter of the day there is a set of six tiny to-do’s to keep you on track in ALL aspects of life: heart, home, body and soul!

So what I have essentially done is set out each and every day so you can both tick off all that needs doing, and all that should be done at some point, alongside a whole feast of tiny seasonal little to-do’s that if you gently follow, and allow to shape your days, you will discover a rhythm to life that may have long alluded you, with the quiet betterment that consistency is bound to bring.

In the morning: the day’s tasks focus on housekeeping and help you to establish a varied, yet consistent approach to managing the nitty-gritty of homemaking.

At midday: the day’s tasks focus on more focused seasonal housekeeping tasks, with a few lovely puttery treats thrown in for good measure.

* In the afternoon: the day’s tasks focus on home organisation, food, family and relationships.

And finally, in the evening: the days tasks focus on self-care, spirituality and your very own passion projects.

These are TINY to-do’s mixed with bigger tasks you can tick off if you need to altogether at the end of the working week: the important thing is to make sure you picking at least a few from each section in order to make sure that life is aligned and heart home, body and soul are in balance. 

Each month then you will receive two downloads:

1) Your Month of To-Do lists: one page for each week setting out exactly what you need to do to care for and maintain heart, home, body and soul.


2) The Immersion Journal: to gently reinforce the routines and rituals you are creating the BrocanteHome way, each month you will also discover a happy little activity, with one prompt for each day of the month, designed to help you focus on the seasonal aspects of life the Brocante way, in whatever way you choose: whether it be drawing, collaging or words.

I know it sounds daft but I’m so excited about Immersion 365 because it really does both narrow all the information I have been collating and creating for years into one lovely, do-able to-do list: a simple system you can use over and over again as the seasons change, and the years go by…

This then is for Brocante Beginners, who simply don’t know where to start and for Brocante Friends, who know everything there is to know about life the Brocantehome way and want to simply be able to tick their way through the routines and rituals, puttery treats and self-care rituals they have long been familiar with.

Because I truly believe we are all looking for headspace right now aren’t we? Hence, here I am, telling you what to do AND when to do it, because I’m bossy like that don’t you know??

Ok, so the first month goes out on August 22nd, in good time for you to understand the flow of the routines ready to get started on September 1st. Then each month you will find a new set of to-do lists and journal in your account here at BrocanteHome.

I’m in! Sign Me Up Please!

Ok, so Immersion 365 is of course included in your membership if you are a member of the library, but otherwise it will cost $10.00 a month, or $100.00 for the whole twelve months, so take you pick from the options below and the September edition of Immersion 365 will arrive in your account or Library on August 22nd.

a) Sign up for just $10.00 here (Price goes up to $12.00 a month on launch day so get it NOW!)

b) Sign for $100.00 for all twelve months (and get two months free!) here. (Price goes up to $120.00 a month on launch day so get it NOW!)

C) or become a member of The Library and get everything* I have ever created for just $29.00 a month here or the completely splendiferous bargain of just $199.00 a year here! Learn more about the Library here…

* Library membership includes all my courses, including my wellbeing program, Renaissance Lifestyle,  but does not include the much bigger Renaissance course which is a standalone product.

I truly can’t wait for you to see Immersion 365 and I want you to know what an honour I consider it to be to still be creating all this loveliness for you. 

It means the world to me and I’m so very grateful that you are still here.x  


  1. Dawn says:

    I absolutely loved the September Immersion calendar and journal! I cannot find October?

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