Important Update To The Christmas Planner Debacle

By Alison November 19, 2008 1 Min Read

It is entirely possible I am a little bit simple.

Out of the kindness of my lunatic heart, yesterday I uploaded a new calendar for the Christmas Planners, all a bit smug because in amongst everything else that needs doing to keep me in tea-bags I had got around to doing it before the 1st of December 2009 was upon us…

And there my Darlings spot my not so deliberate mistake? It isn’t 2009, it is only 2008 and while it is clear I’ve had my fill of this year, I really shouldn’t force you to skip a year in the name of all that is Christmas now should I??

My apologies. Download the right 2008 calendar here  and send me a virtual slap should you so desire…

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