In Gratitude to Polly and All

By Alison September 10, 2010 1 Comment 2 Min Read

This is a thank you post.  Back when blogs weren’t the sophisticated deal that they are today, mine was a lone voice in the Vintage Housekeeping world. I stumbled across Typepad in 2004, tapped out a hello to goodness knows who and before too long I was addicted. Addicted to talking to myself mostly. Addicted to the thrill of someone finding me and declaring themselves too, to be a Vintage Housekeeper: greeting each other like long lost friends! For a lot of you BrocanteHome was the first blog you discovered and I am thrilled that finding me inspired a passion in you that now has your RSS Readers brimming with the most astonishing voices of talented women across the land.
And friends are what we became. Some of you stumbled upon me then and still read today and over the years I have got to know you, and to a much greater degree, as I so very often foolishly spill my guts here, you have got to know me, warts and all oftentimes. But still I know you and hiding shyly behind the public face of BrocanteHome I have watched so many of you go from commenters here to fully fledged bloggeresses of your own, and none more so, than the lovely Polly at Counting Your Blessings, who has taken Counting Your Blessings and The French Cupboard from strength to strength with the kind of drive I couldn’t rustle up in a month of Sundays.
Author of Porch magazine, Polly has gone from posting homely heartfelt posts on her blog, to not only producing Porch, but collating and creating a collection of truly scrumptious vintage wares (I absolutely adore the tea-stained lace aprons, like the one in the picture above), and running  French Cupboard which is I suppose the online equivalent of finding yourself in the world’s most utterly wonderful flea-market.
And like I said at the beginning of this post I want to say thank you. Not just to Polly who has over the years been a reassuring online certainty for me, all to often jumping in to provide the voice of calm and sanity when I have gotten a little giddy, and went on to become my first paying advertiser here on Brocante (Thank you, thank you, thank you!), but to each and everyone of you who continues to read me, secretly wishing  like my Daddy does, that I get my act together and let Brocantehome fly…
Happy Friday Darlings. If you visit Polly, send her my love please.x

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  1. Katherine says:

    Polly is a sweetie!! 😉 I haven't visited her site in too long–I'll have to go browse!

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