International Women's Day

By Alison March 8, 2011 4 Comments 3 Min Read

Hello Sweeties, Happy Day That Celebrates Us. In all our uncertain, beautiful, feisty glory!
Today on International Women’s Day  I wanted to celebrate the three women on-line that inspire me daily. Women who tell the truth. Women who dare to dream. Women who make a noise, make me laugh and occasionally make me cry. Women who have thriving careers based on personal passion.
It is no co-incidence that the women featured here are at the top of their game. We need women like this. Those unafraid of being heard. They are here because they are brilliant. Because in a virtual world full of noise, theirs are the voices I can hear: their’s are the voices I want to tune into. They stand head and shoulders above the rest because they aren’t afraid of speaking who they are, and though I read hundreds of blogs daily, theirs are the only ones I subscribe to.  They don’t know it, but they are my closest on-line friends. My allies. My inspiration.

1. Penelope Trunk From Brazen Careerist.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this woman. Every thought I have ever had and subsequently chose to hold in, Penelope has spelled out on-line. Notorious as being she who tweeted about suffering a mis-carriage during a meeting and caused a virtual storm, Penelope’s boundaries are blurred by her Aspergers and she isn’t afraid to admit that she doesn’t operate by the same rules as the rest of us because it never occurred to her that they exist.
Blatantly, occasionally scarily honest, about everything from her relationship with her “Farmer” to the emptiness of Motherhood, Penelope Trunk writes truthfully about her experiences of sex, isolation, and marriage and continues to astonish me with every word: forcing me to confront my own truths. Insisting I face her kind of reality. Teaching me stuff about love, and life and entrepreneurship with words that to the outsider might  seem vacuous but actually brim with the kind of emotion Penelope barely seems to register. Oftentimes I want to hug her. Thank her. Feed her stew.
Today I am celebrating her because she inspires the truth in me. Because she has taught me that it is ok to be angry.
Read Penelopes blog here, or follow @penelopetrunk on Twitter

2. Gala Darling.

Next up is the internationally renowned fashion and Radical-Self-Love expert Gala Darling. She is gorgeous, giddy, and has more life in her little finger than I’ve ever had in my whole body. Though she is oodles younger than I am and cares more about shoes than I could conjure up in a month of Sundays, her ethos and spirit are truly magical and her Radical Self Love Series is inspiring young women across the globe to embrace their dreams, drive and sexuality. I truly believe she should be required reading for every women.
Today I am celebrating her because she inspires the girl in me. Because she has taught me that it is absolutely ok to cultivate the eccentric, naughty side of who I am.
Read Gala’s blog here, or follow @galadarling on Twitter…

Tara Gentille From Scoutie Girl

Though I’m sure she’d blush at the very idea of finding herself  amongst such illustrious company as Penelope and Gala, in her own humble lovely way Tara Gentille is forging a twittery, delightfully creative path to fame and fortune and gently pulling us along with her, with daily encouragement and joyful advice on living a creative life.
Scoutie Girl is abundant with interviews with women who are successfully living the kind of life where one can barely see where the art stops and reality begins and I for one find this massively inspirational and love how the way Tara frames her writing to inspire questions in our own hearts about how close we are personally to creative nirvana.
Today I am celebrating her because she inspires my own very personal brand of creativity.
Read Tara’s blog here, or follow @scoutiegirlblog on Twitter
Yey for beautiful women everywhere. Do tell me who is inspiring you today won’t you?


  1. Jennifer says:

    From the virtual world, I am in awe of Stephanie Nielson from the nienie dialouges. The grace with which she gets through her days is nothing short of amazing. She inspires me to make acceptance my code and personal growth my goal. I'm working on both. I also find your blog inspiring. It inspires me to want to find my "authentic self" and then nurture her into full bloom, so what if tye-dye slipcovers aren't on trend if they make me happy? I'm working on it. Finally, from the real world is my friend Kristel. She is amazing, her life feels like a hug. Warm, comforting, sympathetic and at the same time straightforward. She inspires me to be kind and loving to myself and those I come into contact with. I'm working on it.
    I'll be working on alot of things but I know it will be an amazing journey and so worth every step.

    1. brocantehome says:

      Oh absolutely Jennifer, I think Stephanie is an inspiration to us all… and you summed it up perfectly: it is totally about grace. And I LOVE how you described your friends like as a hug. What an incredible compliment… if I knew who she was I'd be directing right here to show her just how much you appreciate her!x

  2. Valerie says:

    I find women who build empires of style to be inspiring… Amy Butler, Cath Kidston, Lee Kleinhelter, Rachel Ashwell, Kelly Wearstler, Kate Spade… probably many, many I could name, but I'm amazed by how these women have such a clear vision of their style and have parlayed it into something amazing. And then I find myself inspired by fictional women too… often the feisty, spunky ones who kick some butt – Nancy Drew, Sydney from Alias and Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. 🙂

    1. brocantehome says:

      Oooh now then I've never heard of Lee Kleinhelter, Valerie!. I'm off to google her…

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