Introducing the Life Less Ordinary BuJo!

By Alison April 19, 2017 No Comments 4 Min Read

Hello my lovelies, I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break and you are no back feeling suitably full of the chocolatey feel-good factor and ready and willing to hop back on your journey to a life less ordinary
A few months ago I took it into my head that I wanted to join the Bullet Journal bandwagon. Because I like doodling. And pretty pages.  And I wanted to be like all the cool kids and mutter about writing in my BuJo.
So I dragged Finn to the shops. And filled my basket with a lovely dotted journal. And fineliners in all colours of the rainbow. And a pink ruler because a person who is bullet journalling has to draw lots of boxes with straight-lines and pretty flourishes. And I was full of fire and determination. And Finley who is infinitely wise walked around behind me muttering about bullet journalling being a “fad” and that it wasn’t proper work and that I wasn’t going to do it anyway so why on earth would I waste my money? And I hushed him. And bribed him with sweets. And tried not to see my own conscience wearing his outrageously judgemental face.
And two months later I had to admit that every word out of his too sensible mouth was right. And I can’t even find the pencil case with the pretty pens in it. And the journal I paid silly money for has got just one layout in it and that took me about a day to do and frankly bullet journalling and me were never ever going to be bestest mates.
I could not be sadder. Because one does so hate to concede to a thirteen year old and my whole being knows that gathering all my litle trackers, inspiration and affirmation in one place would be good for my soul. And Bullet Journalling is so pretty and I’m all about the pretty don’t you know?
And so I invented my own method of creating a journal I could use but would not have to draw. And within an afternoon I had three layouts I could use and print out whenever it took my fancy and I could track the parts of life the Brocante way I wanted to track in my Weekly layout and remind myself of the affirmations I use during my Miracle Morning hour (to which I remain utterly dedicated) and choose a focus word from a lovely list weekly and frankly carry on designing and printing every last aspect of this life less ordianry of mine until there was nothing left that had not been tracked or reminded and all was well with the world!
Anyways I am telling you this, because although what I have created so far is not really a bullet journal at all, it WILL help you create a life less ordinary of your own and committment to the routines and rituals laid out will guide you towards life the BrocanteHome way, and so today I bring you The Life Less Ordinary BuJo.
Each of the layouts are scrumptiously designed and cost just a dollar each for immediate download. I am pricing them individually so you can pick and choose those that suit you, and that over the weeks as the collection of layouts grows you can also add to them as you please, while you focus on creating the specific routines and rituals that will make a difference to YOUR day.
To get started there are three layouts available:

A Life Less Ordinary Weekly Planner.

A one page layout to be filled in weekly (perhaps as part of your Organisation Sunday ritual?) to help you keep track of your commitment to your morning and evening rituals, the puttery treats you are planning on doing for yourself and the house, your weekly focus word and daily affirmation, your to-do list, shopping and meal idea list. All in one place.
Click Here to Download it For just $1.00!

Daily Affirmations For a Life Less Ordinary.

Another one page layout with a pretty collection of affirmations you can use to reinforce the values at the heart of life the BrocanteHome way.
Click Here to Download It For Just $1.00!
And finally for this week…

Focus Words For a Life Less Ordinary

A collection of inspirational words to be used in conjunction with the Weekly Planner to help you choose an area of focus for that week and to concentrate your heart on your desired feelings. A pretty little one page layout, just perfect methinks for printing out on good paper and framing for your desk…
Click Here to Download For Just $1.00!
Each week I will be adding new layouts to the collection and you will find them all here, but don’t forget that as a member of my lovely Salon you will have access to absolutely all the layouts and EVERYTHING ELSE in my store absolutely FREE as part of your subscription…

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