Journals To Die For.

By Alison January 29, 2005 1 Comment 1 Min Read


I am making it a policy to buy myself something beautiful once a month and if that means I have to live without food then so be it- it’s time I got back on a diet anyway…

This month I am coveting one of these journals from Paper Source. Did you ever see such loveliness?

From a company whose motto is "Do Something Creative Every Day" comes a fabulous range of journals, photograph albums, stationery and the most divine range of paper products I’ve seen in a long time:


Doesn’t this gorgeous bohemian envelope just make you ache to sit down at your writing desk and write letter after beautifully written letter to your bestest friends? Wouldn’t you be thrilled to see such loveliness pop through your letterbox?

Me too. Such a change from the electricity bill. I’m going to order some and send a deliciously, inspiring letter to myself. Just to make my postman’s day…

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  1. Ellie says:

    Oh, those journals and papers are exquisite! I agree, it would be nice to receive beautiful letters in the mail! Your site is so lovely and inspiring. I'll definitely be back!

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