Joyful Gaps

By Alison September 10, 2015 1 Comment 1 Min Read

So yesterday Housekeepers, we talked about all the time we wash down the drain like so much soapy water and today I want to talk about the very opposite of that: all the scrumptious little things you probably aren’t doing because in-between wasting time and filling it to the brim with a long list of to-do’s you have probably convinced yourself that only the worst kind of lush has moments to fritter away on the truly frivolous…
But you are wrong. When your day is organised by routine, reassured by ritual and delighted by celebration there is ALWAYS room for the kind of teeny tiny pleasures that truly make you believe that life is worth living.
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  1. Maybe you would be interested in a book called THE ENGLISH FESTIVALS by Laurence Whistler – crammed full of ancient rites and celebrations, the origins of which predate most religions. It’s beautifully written. Include in Xmas blogs???

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