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There is nothing quite like the appearance of a white rabbit to brighten up a lovely new day and the finnicky, anal side of me, is more than thrilled to discover a whole, beautiful, sunny new month starting on a Monday, because she who like’s things to be neat and square and lined up nicely, truly believes that all new months should start on a Monday and life would be all together more oodley delicious if months were a nice square four weeks instead of causing much chaos, and all too often starting in disgraceful fashion on something awful like a Thursday or worst still, ye gads, a Saturday…
Yes, I agree, I need to get a life, and thus stop dwelling quite so wholly on the shape of the calendar, because yes indeed it is June and June is positively delightful and packed full of loveliness like the school sports day, (egg and spoon anyone?) and a Teddy Bears Picnic and glorious sunshine and a laundry room that smells like a salad, and that slightly tight feeling your skin develops when you’ve wandered around in the hot sun for too long…
It is June and there will be Big Brother (oh trashy joy of all Summery joys!) and Mary Queen of Charity Shops, and a fabulous article on all things pink from the divinely glamorous Plum Sykes in this months Vogue (who knew you could plant a garden full of pink daffodils??). There will be smoothies and cucumber by the stick-full and Skinny Cow lolli-ices by the freezer-ful and much hoopla upon visiting the madly silly and ever so hilarious website that is Moggit (What is With Men and Their Wood?? And We Did Not Know You Could Make A Light Fixture Out of Cotton Balls!?: titles, I think you will agree could give Take A Break’s I murdered my Mother in Law With a Frozen Sausage style headlines a run for their money!).
There will be the grand opening of our newly re-furbished local library and Clares’ Mad Hatter Tea Party on Sunday (somebody find me a mad hat!). There will be towels crispy from the line and gin cocktails, (but not at the same time), and the long awaited re-opening of Heather Bailey’s TO SELL YOUR MOTHER FOR, online shop, (Today Housekeepers!!). There will, no doubt, be harrowing tales from my ventures back into dating (It’s Summer, somebody ask me out!), far too much time spent in the absolutely gorgeous new Cath Kidston store in Liverpool, situated, to my delight, next to the BlueCoat Chambers and it’s lovely, lovely courtyard and gallery, and indeed, many a new pair of high shoes bought, that I will risk ankle and limb to totter about in and ultimately re-sell on ebay….
Not to mention hose pipes (I loooove hose pipes!) and sticks of Southport rock melted into bite-sized fairy cakes (I saw them do it once on Big Chef, Little Chef!) and a new French General book and feta cheese crumbled on to everything and lime squeezed into soda water and boules on the lawn and the noisy, lovely sound of faraway lawnmowers and rose scented Madeleines eaten under the shade of a tree and big fat peonies in a colour I can’t describe stolen from Mum’s garden. Oh and men in shorts. There will be men in shorts, Ladies! There. I’ve said it: I’m officially a girl pervert.
Goodness. Did I tell you June makes me a bit giddy? There is nothing square about it is there?
I’m going to lie down. The sun has gone to my head.

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