Life Audit

By Alison October 6, 2015 5 Comments 6 Min Read

Good Morning lovely Housekeepers, won’t you join me in auditing your life today so that we can all get a grip on where we are at and of course where we are heading? As always please feel free to steal the graphic and do a life audit of your own…

Today I am…

Terribly cold. Autumn sneaks up upon a person and fools her in to thinking she does not yet need to wear slippers. Up to my eyes in the terribly dull business of SEO because it turns out that majority of Brocantehome isn’t being indexed by Google and this will of course be my fault because I am so terribly prone to fiddling. Keeping my fingers crossed for Ste. Worrying about why my lovely Alfie seems so sleepy today. Still doing yesterdays laundry. Making one of a long list of phone calls I desperately need to make but haven’t yet got around to. Taking Finn and his friend Freya to Starbucks on the way home from school because I have been promising them this little adventure for months. Going to yoga this evening. And about to whip up some cinnamon flapjacks.


Pleased with myself. Wide awake after an unusually good nights sleep despite the fact that my mattress takes a cricket bat and beats me around the back with it every single night. Happy with the way Finn has so easily settled in to high school life. Horrified that under severe pressure from my menfolk I have had to agree to a Sky Sports subscription which will no doubt mean that the kind of peace I live in hope of will now be severely compromised by the twin horrors that are football and WWE. Consider me an unhappy bunny…


Nugget. The app I have been waiting for since apps were invented. Nugget takes books written to make you a better person and breaks them down in to summarys and cards with memorable one-liners. It is insanely useful and I am currently totally addicted to it and happily filling the space in my head usually reserved for Buzzfeed with all kinds of self-improving goodness.
Currently on my Kindle? Mrs Engels: A Novel. With a character so astonishingly real I cannot shake her off when I put the book down.


Omelette Arnold Bennett made the Sophie Dahl way, with cheese. Of course with cheese. I would put cheese in my cup of tea if I could. Nibbling pistachios. Mainlining Berocca because I want to be me on a good day and not me on a just about alive day. And drifting off to sleep with a variety of Pukka and Clipper night-time teas, but currently favouring Clipper Snore and Peace. Because it works.


A couple of days away glamping in a Hobbit Hut with our boys come half term in a couple of weeks. So stockpiling blankets because October in a wooden hut on the moors in Yorkshire does not conjure up scenes of cosy toes. A Christmas shopping #bloggerslodge staycation in November in my very own Liverpool home. Changing up Finn’s bedroom to accommodate nine-year old Stevie, Ste’s son, who comes to stay every other weekend. And planning and simultaneously worrying about my first Christmas without my Mum, and indeed the rest of the family, because Dad will be at my sisters for the holiday so I am going to have to get the party started here all by myself…

Dreaming of…

A new house. As my little family has suddenly expanded from me and Finn to me, Ste, Finn and Stevie, my lovely diddy little house suddenly feels exceptionally claustrophobic and when Ste finally moves lock, stock and barrel in to our midst it is quite possible we may all end up killing each other. But oh what to do? How to leave my very own little sanctuary? Where to move to? Finn blows a gasket at the very mention of it. Ste believes the house has too many ghosts of all my yesterdays and we will need a place we can truly call our own. And I would probably thrive in a bigger place because I do believe that goldfish bowl syndrome is a very real and self-limiting truth…


Warmth. The bloody boiler has died again! Enough willpower to switch off the internet after nine at night so that my brain can truly rest. And absolutely everything in Christina’s Room, because it all looks so deliciously refined and Autumnal.


I could tell my Mum how utterly lovely and silly Coronation Street was last night. Death is so very odd. I hate it that she isn’t seeing our lovely boys become little men and that she isn’t around to make a big pan of Scouse now the nights are drawing in, but equally, and utterly irrationally, I also hate it that she doesn’t know what is happening in her favourite soap. And that Coronation Street has the nerve to go on without her…

Working On…

So much! I am so very much in the rhythm of both Brocantehome and my lovely Vintage Housekeeper’s Circle right now and I am thoroughly enjoying writing again. One day I might write a post called How Alison got Her Groove Back and do my best to nail the reasons why some days it is impossible to work and on others your Muse is sitting right next to you cheering you on and giving you congratulatory hugs whenever you cross one more frog off your to-do list


Feeling alive. Feeling determined. And focused.

Grateful For…

All of you. You know why. Let’s face it, it has been quite the most hairy of bloggy rides and yet you have stuck with me through the worst kinds of trauma. And you are still here. I love you. I love you all so much. So thank you for continuing to read me. For the emails you send me and of course your continuing investment in a life less ordinary.

And finally tomorrow I will be…

Aching from yoga. But peaceful in the head.

On my to-do list this month?

* My Dad’s birthday and the ongoing conundrum that is buying presents for the man who needs little.
* Getting this darn SEO sorted so dear little BrocanteHome isn’t forever in the blogging equivalent of No-Mans Land.
* Teaching Finley to make scrambled eggs because I do believe it is time he gave up being scared of cracking an egg.
* Shopping for a desk for him so he has got somewhere to do the piles of homework he now seems to have.
* Finally getting new living room carpet because this one has taken a chewing and a battering from the lethal combination that is Finn and Alfie.
* Inviting people around because it’s time I got back on to the social bandwagon!
Happy October Housekeepers!
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  1. angel jem says:

    Move. If this man and extra child are a permanent in your life, then move. And Ste is right; you will leave bad ghosts (and happy memories) behind and then create a new and bigger home for keeps with your beautiful family. Your house is lovely, and beautiful, but it is just bricks and mortar. Home is where you have your best people.

  2. Oh SEO, such a pain! And we are currently house hunting and I want to move but the thought of packing and all of that is overwhelming. Plus it’s annoying right now because there are no options that fit our needs. Hope this is a wonderful month for you! 🙂

  3. dawn gilmore says:

    I’ve been wondering for the longest time how to pronounce “Ste”. Is it “stay” or “stee” or something else? Is it short for “Steven” in the U.K.?
    I think you should at least have fun looking for a new house. Whether you actually buy one is another story. I love looking at houses even though I intend to spend the rest of my life in this one.

    1. Alison May says:

      It is dais Stee Dawn… and yep short for Stephen. For some reason, he just isn’t a Steve? And I love the idea of window shopping for our dream house!x

  4. Thanks so much for writing about nugget, Alison!
    I am the founder of nugget and your quote about us made my day 😀
    If you have any other feedback for us, I would love to hear it at hello at getnugget dot co.
    P.S.: I see you’re building an email list. I can’t recommend the tools enough for this. Let me know if you want any tips on how to use them better.

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