Literary Dreams.

By Alison March 25, 2007 2 Comments 1 Min Read


"Su Blackwell’s work is handmade. There is something of a delicate beauty at work here. It is evocative of dream-time and puts into visual form some very transient ideas. An empty child’s dress transforms into hundreds of butterflies. The work is fragile, precious. There is a desire to utilise non-art materials; she uses what is at hand. There is an obsessive, repetitive action at work, transforming the everyday into the fantastical. She transforms old books into three-dimensional theatres, and her reconstruction offers up to the viewer many questions. We can no longer physically read the book, so in that way it is made redundant; and yet on another level it has taken on a new life and is telling a different story."
Steffan Jones-Hughes.

Just one more truly ethereal example of the life cycle of all those things they would have us throw away… 


  1. What beautiful art…and a lovely post!

  2. Andrea says:

    First off I love your blog and your brilliant writing. You always find such interesting things to share with us.
    The second, more troubling, thing – is on my end your blog has gone all wonky on the main page. I see the 'Love Your Parents' youtube video but underneath that is a red x where I assume a picture is supposed to go and then under that – vast nothingness. All your other posts have disappeared. Also on the right side were you normally have UK Auctions and other such things – it's blank too.
    But when I go to comment I can the right side again.
    It could just be me but in case it isn't I thought I'd mention it.

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