Making Room to Learn

By Alison October 19, 2015 No Comments 1 Min Read

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If your house is anything like mine, then the evening hours of the early Autumn are heavily dedicated to the kind of head-bashing, paper -spreading, lost pen frustrated chaos that is homework and the accompanying demented cries of the tired child trying to apply himself to the task in hand. Truth be told I feel a teeny bit sorry for him, and so I have gone all out to make the experience less harrowing for all concerned by making sure that there is plenty of all the stationery necessary to do everything from conjugating French verbs to designing a chocolate bar wrapper, whilst also ensuring that homework time is suitably quiet, distractions are kept to an absolute minimum and there is plenty of space on his desk to spread his imagination out far and wide.
If only I extended the same little kindnesses to myself! If only I gave myself room to grow. A dedicated place and time in which to learn. To develop new skills! And become more than what I am right now. But us grown-ups are always busy treading our very own hamster-wheels aren’t we? It is a sorry situation, and so today I have resolved to conjure up a plan to break the cycle that is knowing what we know and instead develop an action plan for widening our domestic horizons, putting our ideas in to practise with a weekly “Planning Hour” and indeed making sure that we have all the little somethings we need to really make things happen…
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