Marks and Sparks

By Alison June 8, 2009 No Comments 1 Min Read

If Marks and Spencers (or Marksies as we like to call it round here!) ever went the same way as our much missed Woolworths, I really think I’d slit my wrists. While perusing the newest store in the area and feeling almost instantaneously cheerful looking at the gorgeous celebration windows, it struck me that my little world would be a sorrier place without this gorgeous stalwart of a shop and indeed their can’t get enough of them Cornish Cruncher Burgers. And cranberry and pomegranate gums. And (oh my!) the gorgeous Cut Flowers candles which are to my mind the closest thing to couture candles on the high street…
Now if they only stopped believing that the desperately smug Myleen Klass represented EveryWoman, I think we’d all be thrilled to sing Happy 125th Birthday to a store that is a National Treasure wouldn’t we?

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