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By Alison November 10, 2005 4 Comments 1 Min Read




Ok before we get started I want you to know that I don’t want to know. I am wandering around the internet trying to be oblivious to anything remotely Martha/Apprentice related, because I am presuming that at some point my favorite domestic goddess will get to fire someone on British TV. So I don’t want to know who’s in or out (And don’t tell Mark either, because he would take great delight in revealing the winners, just as I sat down to watch in the same way I occasionally ruin the football for him, by telling him the score. Just for laughs. Because I am an evil cow…)

But I do want the goss! The British media are really rather thrilled to report that the show is dying a death. Is that true? Is Martha no match for THE DONALD (Who I adore!) What are the tasks like? Could we Vintage Housekeepers rise to the occasion? Whats the big fuss about Howie?Has Martha mentioned jail???

Tell me, tell me, tell me…


  1. Meredith says:

    I love Martha's Apprentice. It is one of the two shows I watch at all, and I know tons of women who watch it each week. Perhaps people are disappointed because the tasks are not homemaking related–it is, after all, an interview for an executive position with her company. She does bring up her jail time when confronting a whiny loser. I enjoy seeing her management style (low key compared to Trump) and even more, glimpses of the headquarters and various homes. If you like Trump's apprentice, I don't think Martha's will disapoint you.

  2. happyapple says:

    Oh Alison — I LOVE this show, I don't understand why it's doing so badly. She DID mention jail — when one female contestant, while in the boardroom, said she was so upset she could cry, Martha blasted her.
    She said — women don't CRY in business. I went to JAIL and you don't see me crying, something along those lines.
    Tasks have included selling flowers, branding the Tide to GO stick, making and selling wedding cakes and setting up celebrity sponsors for a fundraising event.
    Howie is a wacky guy with a brand new baby daughter, so I have to like him. I hope you all get this on TV, it's great.

  3. Savannah says:

    I am enjoying thw show, too, but then I am a died in the wool Martha Fan. I am only a little disappointed that we don't see much of her or her daughter Alexis and that the tasks are not oriented to domesticity, but to business. But that is where she is headed (Plus I suspect that is where Mark Burnett would make the most money with sponsors). As to whether or not it is as good as Donald's show, it is to me much the same only with the dynamics of Martha instead of him. I like them both, just about equally. I absolutely loved another show last fall called PERFECTLY WICKED, and those tasks were much more what I thought this would be. I also adored HELL'S KITCHEN with that chef from England!!!!! I wish I would have taped that whole series. I kinda like reality TV, I guess… confessional time. But then I also like dramas and one comedy. I like STACKED… with that vava voom blonde and the corny lines…. I have quirky taste, I think. Don't worry Alison. We won't tell you who wins the job! Take care.

  4. Savannah says:

    dyed in the wool…. not died in the wool… In case Car's Bunkle is watching… Boooooooooooooooo

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