Mauny Wallpaper.

By Alison March 16, 2006 1 Comment 1 Min Read


"Mauny Wallpaper is enough to send even the most disciplined minimalist into a floral frenzy…

In my dreams I have a room of my  own. Not a corner of the bedroom, an armchair or a kitchen counter. But a real retreat. Far away in the eaves of a rambling house I haven’t got.

The walls are papered in Mauny’s "Ruban’s et Fleurs" and there is a creaky bed with a candlewick bedspread and long ago darned linen sheets on which to lie my weary head after a mornings work.

The bureau holds fountain pens, boxes full of handwoven creamy white paper and a tiny little vase holding one perfect blowsy rose.  I am clever and delicate and inspired, with a head empty long enough to create something that really matters.

There are cobwebs on the ceilng. Isn’t that strange?  Oak floorboards  shiny with wear. A lamp filtering a soft apricot glow across my words. A table holding a cornucopia of pearl framed photographs and a crucifix above the bed. The startling, mournful face of a girl with peacock blue eyes framed in gilt above the desk and the sweet scent of old fashioned violets filling the air…

My dreams are papered in Mauny. Real life coated in Farrow and Ball’s House White.

And never the twain shall meet?

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  1. June says:

    I like this, Alison. I envision lacy patterns moving ever so softly back and forth across the oak floor as the delicate lace curtains gently move with the breeze from the window raised just so. The cobwebs are merely ideas that are taking hold in this special room and finding roots to grow. Very delicious and oh so serene. I think I smell the violets.

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