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Now I don’t know about you, but to me the word "housecoat" brings to mind the kind of blue nylon affairs the dinnerladies at my junior school used to wear with such panache- i.e with about as much sex appeal as  a pink blanmange.

Not  so, the really rather  gorgeous modern day take on the housecoat-  the  Momono,  a  sumptous  alternative to the Vintage Housekeepers apron and a  way of feeling dressed while remaining as comfortable as you do in your husbands tatty old flannel dressing gown…

Says  MayaLena…

As a new mother, I was astonished by the volume of baby drool, spit-up, milk, mushy cookie, smeared banana, and splattered sweet potato that, despite my efforts, ended up all over my clothes every day. 

I soon realized that liberally treating my baby-food-splattered shirts with stain remover had become part of my daily routine. I decided that what I really needed to wear while at home with my little ones was an apron with sleeves that opened in the front for breastfeeding. I needed something comfortable, easy to care for, and with a roomy pocket for tissues, pacifiers, hair clips, etc. And even though I was now spending much more of my day inside the house, I still wanted to wear something beautiful that made me feel attractive. 

So I designed a modern-day housecoat. After settling on a simple and elegant Japanese-inspired design, I had the perfect name for my new kimono-style housecoat for moms: The Momono™. I selected beautiful, tropical and exotic fabric motifs that are not only gorgeous, but are also pretty good at camouflaging pureed squash.

And says me? The kind of women often seen trolling around Tesco’s with a pudgy sized chocolate handprint on my breast and a snot trail on the hem of my jumper. The kind of women who couldn’t be glamorous if you gave me  an extreme  makeover and sent  me to to a Trinny and Suzannah bootcamp-  Says me-  send me a boxful: these luxurious "housecoats" could be the answer to my prayers.

All I need know is someone to re-invent the bed-jacket and I’ll have the wardrobe of my dreams…


  1. gina c. says:

    What a great idea! Thanks for passing it on, Alison!

  2. Holly says:

    Those are gorgeous! I have to have one. Now.

  3. Angela says:

    What an amazing idea!! how lovely!

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