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By Alison August 15, 2007 1 Comment 2 Min Read


It’s been a long time coming but it finally looks like there is a contender for the author of a look that will define a decorating generation, a position long held by Rachel Ashwell and her much adored Shabby Chic interiors.

But while all things Rachel remain in many of our hearts,  Midwest Modern by Amy Butler, darling of a new generation of crafters /decorators, represents something we bloggers are more than accustomed to: that of a holistic approach to living that  infuses every aspect of our  way of life with our  new, highly sophisticated sense of organic, craft orientated, vintage style. And while it  may take a lifetime to compromise my own love of  the oh so terribly English love of faded grandeur (with a pinch of French country and a dollop of the Italian villa thrown in), Mauny wallpaper, bunchs of violets, gilt framed ancestors et al…the sheer freshness of Butlers interiors and indeed so many of the gorgeous lifestyles I see decorating young American blogs everywhere now is so very hard to resist…

"A complete lifestyle book, encompassing fashion, interiors, and gardens.

Attention, design and style mavens! There’s a lot more to America than just the east and west coasts. Today, innovative American design—in clothing, home decor, even gardening—is emerging from the Midwest. So lay your bicoastal biases aside, and let Amy Butler show you what’s happening in the heartland.

Helping her fans jumpstart their own creative spark is Butler’s fashion credo, and her approach has won her a huge following. Her “Mid Mod” philosophy—neither homespun nor haute couture—is as up to the minute as it is firmly rooted in Midwest tradition. Emphasizing simplicity and integrity of craft, Butler is passionate about recycling materials, reinventing vintage looks, and taking joy in the homemade. Her approach—drawing its inspiration from the natural world and the lives of real people—is organic in every sense of the word.

Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern brings the many aspects of its author’s vision into focus, from re-imagining the home as a retreat for relaxation and dreaming, to picturing the body as a canvas for creating one’s personal style, to looking to nature as a “sketchbook” for design ideas. Vibrantly illustrated, the book underscores design’s practical side, with information on budgeting money and time, a shopping resources list, and “how-to” projects in every chapter." (Amazon Editorial Review)

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Available for pre-order on Amazon now.

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  1. Chris Brown says:

    Amy has sent me a signed, pre-release copy for a Urban Prairie giveaway. Folks can sign up to win at: http://www.urbanprairierefueled.blogspot.com
    It's a wonderful, beautiful book with tons of inspiration.

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