Miss May- The Story of an EnglishWoman.

By Alison April 30, 2007 9 Comments 0 Min Read


  1. Jennifer says:

    Looks delightful as does your setting!

  2. Mari-Nanci says:

    Can hardly wait for your book report!!! 🙂

  3. Angel jem says:

    Alison, For a while there around about Christmas, I was worried about you…. your joie de vivre seemed to have gone. Tired? Wornout? No ideas?
    I have just re-read the last dozen entries with a pot of rooibos tea at my side (it's 7am, no children or husband to disturb me by asking, "Why are you laughing, Mummy? Why are you humming, Mummy? Why are you crying Mummy?"
    No, you've not lost it, Alison. Welcome back. I am going to re-read Elizabeth and her German Garden, hunt out Mrs Dashwood's Provincial daughter and, failing that find my Darling Buds of May books (so much better than the tv series, more gutsy and less pretty; perfick) and settle down to a few puttery treats.
    Have a lovely May Day. Alison, and thank you for being such a good homekeeper's friend.

  4. Gena says:

    Oh but you must read it! how lovely it looks in that setting!

  5. Monique says:

    The title is very prommissing !!! I would love to know what it's all about !
    Have a great day !!

  6. Helen May says:

    As interesting as the title sounds I'm sure it will be nowhere near as exciting as the story of us two little Miss Mays!!

  7. Bea says:

    What a coincidence! These sorts of little serendipitous events often point to more than just coincidence, though – maybe there's something in that book to speak to your life or heart just now. Inspiration and answers sometimes come from the most unexpected or unlikely of sources.
    Like Mari-Nanci, I'd be interested in a book report, too, especially if you do happen to find any "practical application" in it.!

  8. Mary says:

    Sadly I have to admit that I've read "Odette", listed on the cover as by the same author. That is if the book "Odette" is about a young bride who was captured by Indians and became the "wife" of the Chief's son. She is returned to her "husband" who is pyschotic and tries to kill her. She is saved.
    Happy Reading!

  9. Malia Wehrly says:

    I always like to have a read about such things, my blog is related if you want to have a look round it please feel free. I have added yours to my bookmarks.

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