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"Made by the old generation – designed by the new. is the memories I carry with me each day. is
the memories we all have. It is the buzzing bumblebee on the porch. It
is watering the lawn. Its the ticking of the clock and the everlasting
blue summersky. It is jordbærgrød and hybenmarmelade on homebaked
bread. It is…- lost in translation."

But lost in translation or not, you only have to wander around this gorgeous online store to hear the stories knitted into each nostalgic garment, everyone based on a pattern from the 1950’s and 60’s; every little vest a tribute to days gone by, the careful craftsmanship of romper suits we had forgotten existed, a reminder of the skills of Mormor’s employees- none younger than 68 years of age!

" is baby- and childrenswear from the time when grandma was
young. ( means in danish.) At all
employees are from the generation that made everything by hand. Our
youngest employee is 68, and a granma herself.

The old knitting- and crochet techniques are being reused, whilst
colors and materials are redesigned in order to make our products match
the demands of our modern times for both fashion, quality and the best,
pure materials.

All products are handmade and come with a small nametag with signature of the granma that has produced the item.
All products are made from pure wool, alpaca wool or cotton.

Are you tired of mass-produced products? – Do contact
Are you dreaming of dressing baby in little, handknitted socks and a
beautiful little hat? Then is the right choice for YOU"

Did you ever hear anything so scrumptiously BrocanteHome? Divine little vest’s knitted and signed by somebody elses Nana. (Ilove Nana’s!) Heirlooms to be treasured forever…

I can’t think of a more beautiful gift for a new born babba, than a little piece of history.


  1. julie says:

    Love the booties!!!! Love 'em. Love 'em.

  2. julie says:

    Love the booties!!!! Love 'em. Love 'em.

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