Motherhood the Film

By Alison October 20, 2009 No Comments 1 Min Read

The Blurb…

“MOTHERHOOD takes place in a single day that pushes to the tipping point Eliza’s fundamental fear she’s lost herself. Starting at dawn, her to-do list is daunting: prepare for and throw her daughter’s 6th birthday party, mind her toddler son, battle for a parking space during an epic alternate side parking showdown, navigate playground politics with overbearing moms, and mend a rift with after posting her best friend’s confession on her blog. On top of it all, Eliza decides to enter a contest run by an upscale parenting magazine. All she has to do is write 500 words answering the deceptively simple question, “What Does Motherhood Mean to Me?”

In the process of trying by nightfall to put these thoughts into words that don’t “sound like bad ad copy,” Eliza rediscovers her own voice and realizes what is truly valuable in her life. At once hilarious and poignant, MOTHERHOOD looks at the challenges facing mothers everywhere with a keen eye to every slight to a nearly-middle-aged woman’s selfhood – from being called “M’am” by condescending twentysomethings to endlessly stooping to pick up toys and a spouse’s dropped socks.”

She’s a Mother. She’s a madwoman. She’s a blogger. I’m kind of hoping she’s me. And you. Right up there on screen. And I’m kinda hoping that one day I too might be able to put into five hundred words exactly what Motherhood means to me…

But perhaps tonight just five will have to do…
Murky, beautiful, scary, biblical and blinding.
Your turn?

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