My Dream Bathroom

By Alison August 16, 2015 3 Comments 6 Min Read

My Dream Bathroom

Did I tell you that I was a victim of a DIY hit and run? Oh yes indeedy. In fact allow me to lead up my stairs, step down into the bathroom and try, oh please try, to disguise your shock at the very state of my bathroom… You would think something as simple as getting a modern bathroom vanity installed in the bathroom would be easy. But apparently not. The bathroom turned out to be more of a nightmare than a dream.
Here’s what happened: At the beginning of last year, a man who shall hereby remain nameless, took it into his head to rip out my existing, perfectly acceptable bathroom while I was away for the weekend and to fit in its place a collection of rather dubious fittings he had gathered on eBay. I came home to a bath fitted back to front so a person has to take a stride wider than is natural in order to step into it, a sink floating upon a wooden frame so laughable a person could cry and a loo so low I do believe it must have been originally intended for a nursery school. I have no idea why he didn’t contact a plumber to do the job for him. I was even showing him a website similar to and telling him that we should hire a reputable plumbing company to sort our bathroom out. I guess he didn’t listen and he wanted to give it a go himself!! The bathroom looked truly awful!
Then as if that wasn’t bad enough, when I had finished having the screaming ab-dabs he took it into his mad head to confound this bathroom disaster by HALF-fitting some hideously huge white tiles, grouting them with something BROWN and then arranging them so that the tap for that bath is halfway up the wall and the flooring was taken up and never to be replaced. I was devastated and all I could think about was hiring a dumpster from TS Waste, ripping the ‘new’ bathroom out and throwing it away. It was absolutely hideous and I think I would have rathered no bathroom than that bathroom.
Darlings I had to banish him for good. If only I could have banished the darn bathroom with him. But oh no. Still, it exists, ugly and half-finished. An un-co-ordinated ?mess. Wooden floorboards with gaps so wide they waft one hundred year and fifty-year-old dust around the house. Taps fitted so disastrously they MOVE when I turn them. A shower sealed to the wall in an apparently dangerous fashion. And oh, woe is me, that bath.?Somebody call the bathroom fairy! Nothing would give me greater pleasure than ripping the whole thing out and starting afresh…
Now, this is a bathroom with huge potential. It is a good size with enough room to swing a few cats, dance a jig and show off a nice piece of free-standing furniture. Perhaps something with frameless glass showers enclosures, a new hammered copper sink… there’s options here. There are ways we can recover from this. There is plenty of light, in-built storage, and HOPE. Yes, indeed I do believe there is hope.
And where there is hope there is ALWAYS a dream.
But if a dream is to have legs, there also has to be a plan. So that is where we start: with a vision board on Pinterest, a cornucopia of images that best encapsulates that dream and sparks your imagination with ideas you may not have thought of otherwise. Cue, then, my Dream Bathroom Pinterest Board…
bathroom pinboard
My dream started with the Skyros Blue Floor and Wall tiles from because above all else, I see pattern on the floor of ?my new bathroom, and nothing says vintage scrumptiousness to me more than a Greek-inspired tiled floor reminiscent of the delft tiles to be found in many a European bathroom…
Though I did consider the Bellisa range of tiles, ultimately I settled on the Skyros range because blue and white is such a fresh, clean combination isn’t it? Combine these lovely floor tiles with a feature wall, clean white paintwork and the Skyros blanco tiles on the walls and I do believe you would have yourself one happy bunny…
Though, being a vintage kinda girl, I do believe I need more vintage vibe… how better then, than to include a free – standing bath in my scheme? I dithered over this decision: did I prefer the Phoenix Balmoral Traditional Bathroom Suite with it’s deliciously ostentatious chrome legs and Victorian-style splash-backs on the toilet and sink? The Premier Ryther Double Ended Slipper Bath Suite with it’s fabulous double ended slipper bath? Or would I make the kind of choice all sensible housekeepers would make and choose the Old London Double Ended Slipper with Skirt Freestanding Bath, precisely because the bath hasn’t got a gap underneath and thus would not gather dust and spills in awkward places?
Oh that my sensible, practical head did not bully my romantic heart in such a fashion!
old london bath
In the same vein comes the shower question. In my heart I visualize a bathroom without a shower, ?a nod to how things used to be. Me lounging up to my eyes in bubbles in my slipper bath. Candles flickering on every surface. No nasty shower curtain growing slowly moldy or overhead shower dripping slowly down on to my head. But we all know that in a house with just one bathroom, a shower is essential if mornings aren’t going to be the cause of world war three!
Luckily there is a whole host of choices to be considered when it comes to choosing a shower. While I would in a blink of an eye choose a separate shower enclosure, I’m really not sure there is room and so The Old London?Victorian Grand Rigid Riser Shower Kit it is. I mean really could it be any more perfect? That combined with an unobtrusive glass screen or hooped shower rail like the?Old London Cicero Shower Curtain Ring would I think to be just the thing…
Finally, I would add the kind of pale and pretty puttery treats that would really bring my dream bathroom to life: floppy cabbage roses in a glass vase, one dream scented Peony and Blush Suede Jo Malone candle, a loofah with which to scrub my back, a wall full of vintage floral prints and a pile of thick, white fluffy towels…
Could there be an any better place or lovelier space in which to wash a ridiculous man and his hatchet DIY job right out of my hair and send him on his way?
Thank you then to Tile Mountain and The Big Bathroom Shop for letting my little fantasy run riot. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do: and this girl needs a new bathroom…?
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  1. Angel Jem says:

    You mean your dreams will become reality? Blissful living at its very best! I’m looking forward to the reveal…. and have the bedclothes come yet? I’m loving these little insights into the real Brocante Home!
    PS what is your favourite blend of coffee or cup of tea? I’m curious to know…..

    1. Alison says:

      Ah No Jo… It’s a bloggers competition so only a little chance of making it reality!
      I drink Tetley strong tea bags day in day out and head up the glorious Cedar Farm for my coffee. Do you go there ever?x

      1. Alison says:

        Ooh and no: the bedding hasn’t arrived yet, but should be here any day now hopefully!x

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