My Fuzzy Haired Angel.

By Alison January 30, 2005 3 Comments 1 Min Read


Because he asks too many questions. Because he strokes my face as he drinks his milk. Because he keeps taking his clothes off.  Because he can trash a room in the flash of an eye. Because he falls over 500 times a day. Because 499 times he just gets up and starts again. Because he never, ever cries and his laugh is as deep as a grown mans. Because he is mine. Because he sleeps through the night, every night. Because Teletubbies make him giggle. Because he loves the washing machine. Because sometimes he climbs on to me for a pitstop and a cuddle. Because he is his own little person. Because he won’t kiss me when I ask him to, but once a blue moon blesses me with a big mmmw! when I least expect it. Because today he tried to show my mum his football down the phone. Because he is just a little babba and I didn’t think it was possible to love anything this much. Just because.


  1. Auntie M says:

    Very nice entry. He's so cute!

  2. BARBIE says:

    how beautiful is he even makes me admit I am a GREAT….Auntie…but you already knew that!!

  3. aseela says:

    hello daddy this is aseela how are you iam okay and really miss you writing you after very long time like after two three weeks dont know what i do the whole day well life is good but what are you doing now and what we will do besides this baba stuff tell me now as iam not going anywhere but what iwill do well omar he does not talk to me neither his family
    so it is useless talking about him now tell whether iam matrried or a child or whatever ireally very worried about my future and sick and tired of everything well you are tired of me well iam independent so we cannot live togehther you have life and i have one not right now but soon istart working somehwere well ican to talk to my friends bvut right now iam idont know what am doing must doing something well wriyte you again bye

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