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By Alison July 24, 2014 11 Comments 2 Min Read

My little sister is getting married four days after Christmas in a gin bar! (Of all the bars in all the world she chose the one liable to make me delirious with glee!) . Oh yes, Helen who is two years younger than me, will marry Louis, the Daddy of our little Clarry in a teeny tiny intimate gin-soaked early evening do and quite frankly I couldn’t think of a more delightful way to tie the knot…
And so this evening Finley and I shall be making our way to Lime Street where we will hop on a train to Oxford, to spend four days in the blistering heat, so that we can accompany Helen to her first wedding dress fitting tomorrow afternoon and then spend the rest of the weekend hearing about her plans for the finer details of her lovely little wedding…
On Saturday we are heading into London to take our boys to the Gosh! comic book store and to bask in the heat by the river, and Sunday will be spent watching Clarry do all the scrumptious little somethings, babbas who are almost two are prone to doing…
I am so looking forward to it! As Helen’s house is the only place I have holidayed in, in recent years, I have come to think of it as the most gloriously accommodating, peaceful hotel (complete with two dogs and three kids and our Helen who is probably the noisiest of them all!) and I treasure the nights we stay up drinking wine and singing Kenny Rogers sons at the tops of our silly voices!
I will be away until Monday and though I am lugging my laptop with me, I probably won’t have much time to post or even really haunt the internets and so please excuse what will probably be something of a skeleton service for the duration. I will be posting a few photo’s here and on Instagram, and I will of course answer any urgent emails, so if you do happen to get in a muddle and need me I will be right here on the end of my iPhone ready to sort out any issues you may have…
So for now it is farewell. I am off to pack the bare minimum a person needs to enjoy this glorious sunshine, to make sure Finn isn’t packing everything and Batman’s kitchen sink and of course to make sure that the house is left in the kind of blissful lavender scented state it will be a pleasure to come home to…
Have a lovely weekend too, won’t you? 


  1. Victoria says:

    I often go to my brothers for a ‘mini break’ and like your experiences it really does feel like a holiday and visiting a hotel! Hope you have a wonderful time.
    Victoria xx

  2. tiffibug says:

    Your trip sounds wonderful! Have a fantastic time!!

  3. Liz says:

    Congratulations to Helen, hope you have a nice break at ‘Chez Helen’ xxx

  4. Janet Nixon says:

    Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  5. Gillian says:

    Sounds utterly scrumptious! Hope you all have a fantastic time together and what a lovely treat to look forward to in December too. xx

  6. Laurie says:

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Gena says:

    Oh how wonderful! Lovely news,hope you all have a splendid few days xx

  8. Shelanne says:

    Ahh congratulations Helen! Enjoy your time away, be very relaxed! (I remember you two and your mum singing “Ruby” on some Pine Factory Christmas “do”, ha ha a few years ago now!)

  9. Angel Jem says:

    Visiting relatives is a good compromise between getting away from ordinary life and cuddling into the bosom of the family. Congratulations to your sister. Have a good time, and hope Finlay has fun!

  10. Liz says:

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  11. What happy, happy news! I feel as I know her! Have a he artful visit and enjoy.

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