My Little Soldier…

By Alison July 25, 2005 3 Comments 1 Min Read


So I worried myself sick for nothing. It was bioposy and general anaesthetic day today.  Finley sat on my knee without a murmur while the gas and air was pressed to his face and then he went out like a light. Forty five minutes later he was back, drinking water and eating a biscuit (See him charming one of the nurses above!), while telling anyone who would listen his Daddy was Batman. Forty five minutes!! No crying. No screaming. Nothing. Just my happy little boy waking up from an unexpected nap…

What did I do to deserve  this little angel?


  1. mum says:

    you were just you Ali,no more and no less.x

  2. Savannah says:

    Aw…. how adorable is that? Hugs!

  3. Nancy says:

    He's a charmer and I am happy he is doing so well. You take care of YOU too!

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