My Sister and I…

By Alison August 15, 2013 6 Comments 1 Min Read

I very rarely visit Facebook, because amongst all the millions of other things I have to do online I just don’t remember to check it. But then last night I was idly browsing the corridors of the internets and happened across these photo’s of myself and my sister Helen that she had posted to her timeline and I thought I would post them here so that you can share proof that I was an angel and my little sister has always, always, had a glint of cheekiness in her eye…
Look at her chubby cheeks! And look how very much I am a little girl version of Finley!
Ooh and look at our snazzy matching quilted waistcoats! This was taken in Wales, in Betws Y Coed, probably shortly before Dad slipped on the rocks and did himself a damage, falling right in..
Lovely memories of the way we were… bless us both.x 


  1. Brunette says:

    When the page was loading up and I saw the top pic, I thought it was of Finley and his cousin.
    He’s the spitting image of you; you lucky thing!
    (Quoth the mother of 5 dark honey blondes. It’s like my husband was the sole genetic contributor)

  2. My goodness! Finley is your double!x

  3. Wilhelmina says:

    What lovely photos Alison ! And yes, the spitting image of you is Finley. How wonderful for you. And him too. Like Brunette said about her five blondes my one and only daughter would be a clone of her daddy if she wasn’t a girl. Startling resemblance. And she is lovely, says biased mummy, and very striking with her thick brunette locks and almond skin. Like my late mother in law who was a great beauty. But no resemblance to me in looks at all. Personality yes.
    I have been asked, nicely, if she was adopted. I am pale,very. Different build too. It doesn’t worry me.

  4. Victoria says:

    Fantastic family photos!!

  5. Ouissi says:

    Wow!! I knew Finn looked like you (with Mark’s nose) but in the first photo you are inseparable!! X

  6. Jane says:

    My sister and I both had quilted waistcoat thingys too. Orange and brown! The 70s were a fashion nightmare! My youngest son is just like me, bless him. All red hair and freckles!

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