On Doing That Little Bit More

By Alison May 1, 2014 1 Comment 1 Min Read

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When we have established a housekeeping routine, it is terribly easy to fall into the rather naughty habit of going through the motions. Ugh. Was there ever a more depressing sentence than that? It implies all kinds of miserable notions, from doing only what is utterly obligatory to dragging your sorry self through a list of must do’s and resenting every. single. moment.
Nope. That’s no way to live your life. In fact the minute you find yourself going through the motions, I really rather insist that you down tools and pour yourself a stiff vodka. Life is just too short to stuff it to capacity with the kind of tasks that make you want to jump domestic ship on a daily basis.
Sadly there is just no getting away from said tasks. We have gotta make those beds. Clean those loo’s. Change the cat litter. We have gotta, gotta, gotta. If we don’t the whole darn business of living will grind to a halt and we will find ourselves being featured on the kind of program that shows sorry looking sorts  being told off  by stern cleaners for allowing dead rats to decompose under a pile of 1972 newspapers.
It’s a slippery slope m’dears and not one you joyously shout weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! as you slip down it.
So the answer is…
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  1. maria says:

    You’re right. The cleaning never ends. Sometimes a girl has just got to call in a cleaning service to help out.

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