On Taking A Housekeeper's Holiday

By Alison July 28, 2011 No Comments 1 Min Read
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Home-making is the kind of job that comes without benefits. No holidays, no sick-pay, no let up. Don’t take this as a complaint, I’m just saying.
Truth is, I’ve said it before and I will say it again: we are probably the worst bosses we are ever likely to encounter in or out of the workplace and there is just no escaping our inner slave-driver. She who tuts her head in disappointment at the blackcurrant stain spoiling our kitchen counter, refuses to indulge our well deserved penchant for scrumptious elevenses and issues demands for seasonal performance reviews that only ever leave us feeling as though we might as well go boil our heads in fabric conditioner, so appalling have our efforts at keeping house been lately…
Ah yes my friends, the performance review. That all too often inflicted sense that all is not well, and that if we don’t get round to pulling up our fishnet stockings, the house and it’s darling precious in-mates might just be in danger of falling into rack and ruin.
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