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Fern Jones- The Glory Road.

When I was at art school we spent our days creating away in silence. We weren’t allowed to turn on the radio or bring our own tapes, because according to our ludicrously strict teachers, by listening to Radio One, or playing Take That (As if! We were art students for goodness sake: although how that explains my Robbie obsession I will never know!) over and over again, we weren’t opening our minds to new cultural experiences, and were allowing ouselves to be spoon fed the popular culture of the time…

Only in life-drawing classes were our efforts allowed to be accompanied by music. And so there we would be, sitting in front of a hideously naked old man, while Patsy Cline clanked out of  the oldest record player in the world. I swear to this day I cannot see a naked man without hearing "I Fall to Pieces".

So what has this got to do with anything I hear you ask? Well Housekeepers it has spoon fed into my mind a life long love of Patsy Cline. To me she is rainy afternoons and long grey winter days, teenage gloom and grown up misery. I love her. As much as I love Crystal Gayle. And it was while looking for Patsy Cline on the internet, that a little while ago I stumbled on Pandora.

Now if ever a site was designed to expand your horizons it is this one. My art teachers would love it! Type in Patsy Cline and what you get is not dear little Patsy at all: but a huge range of songs, and singers who are musically similair- in this case, Loretta Lynne, Janie Frike and Connie Francis…

And that m’dears is how I found  my current musical obsession: Fern Jones (buy it- it’s wonderful kitchen music!). I crank up Fern Jones Radio on Pandora and blog away to what can only be described as a musical wonderland.

Spoon fed just the way I like it.


  1. Savannah says:

    I have to tell you a quick and wonderful story about Patsy Cline. In the late 90's I had a sophomore girl who adored Patsy Cline, so I suggested she do a research paper on her and maybe write to Nashville (we found some kind of record label or fan club to write to) and ask for anything they might like to share about her. Of all wonderful things, this young girl came rushing up to me in about two weeks with a HAND WRITTEN letter from Patsy Clines widowed husband. He told about Patsy and thanked Lori for caring still about his wife! iT WAS amazing, and of course, she got an A on her paper and had a keepsake to treasure her whole life! He was so kind hearted and so tender hearted that it really touched him to think another generation loved his wife. Oh, Alison. Isn't that dear?

  2. Alison says:

    Oh Gayla, that is wonderful. What it would be to be loved like that, long after you are gone…

  3. Paola says:

    How funny! I'm obsessed with Pandora too and was going to write about her on my blog (such a nice girl).

  4. What a link to have, like winning the lottery THANKS!

  5. ms*robyn says:

    I love Patsy Cline ! I will watch out for sure for Fern Jones – thanks

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